KinderKitchen Essentials Set Of Children’s Knives Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


I received the KinderKitchen Essentials Set of children’s knives, I was excited to see how easy it would be for my son’s to use. I’m working on getting them more comfortable in the kitchen now so it’s important to give them items that are child friendly. My son’s are a little afraid of regular knife blades so I thought these would be perfect for them or I was hoping that they would be.

I first felt the blades because of my son’s fear of using knives and I showed them they were safe to use. So they then felt comfortable to use them and try them out. We decided to make some ants on a log to get them use to cutting with the knives. We always start out slow and then move onto harder things once they have the comfort level. So I handed my oldest son the Serrated Dog Knife to cut the celery with. He looked at me and I told him to go ahead and cut it. So he started to cut the celery. Well, next thing I know he had cut all the celery we had in the house. lol (Good thing my grandchildren were over). I then handed my younger son the Non-serrated Dog Knife and the jar of peanut butter. So he spread peanut butter on all the celery sticks. He did a great job as well. They then added the raisins on top and they all ate their snack.

When it came time for dinner, I asked my oldest son to use the Duck Snippers to cut me up some green onion for going into the pan. He was so excited to do it. He cut up what I gave him and wanted to cut more. I said well, give me a minute and you can cut up some other things for mom. So I gave him my fresh spice plants, but I was right there so that he wouldn’t cut my whole plant up. He cut a few sprigs of parsley for me off my plant and he put it in the pan for me. My younger son cut up some carrots with the Serrated Dog Knife for our meal as well. I have to tell you that my son’s have never been excited to come help me cook.

However, they wanted to keep cutting and chopping things up. It was amazing to see them wanting to help in the kitchen. A place where they are normally full of fear and do not want to help. The KinderKitchen Essentials Set put their fears to rest and let them feel comfortable in the kitchen. Now, every day they want to help cut up fruits, veggies, spices, and anything that they can get their hands on. This has been such a great experience for my son’s and myself. I don’t have to fight with them to want to help in the kitchen. They know which knife is used to cut what, how to use them all, and it’s made it fun in the kitchen for them. I’m one happy mom as it’s always been a struggle to get them in the kitchen and now they want to help every night make dinner or snacks. The KinderKitchen Essentials set would make the perfect gift for those who are afraid of the kitchen or who want to learn how to cook!

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