Kidecals: Label Review Great For Homemade Holiday Gifts Or Labels For All Needs


Are you making gifts in a jar this year for the holidays? Does your child keep losing their school supplies? Do you want to put your name on your belongings while traveling? There are so many uses for labels, I am always finding new reasons that I could use them.


I received a set of labels for my son to use on all of his school supplies. I have to say they are adorable and worked great. The kids in his class know that they are his now with his Camo labels that he uses and they have his class number so if he leaves them in another class they know where they need to be returned to. They are just perfect! My son was so excited about them, and he has been using them to stick on his toys as well that were disappearing when his friends would come over to play. Now, the parents know that they are his and they are returned to us.

The labels are the perfect size and are just so adorable and come in a variety of different sizes and packages that you can choose from. Your sure to find the perfect set that will work great for you or your child. We have been using the labels we received in so many ways and it has worked out so well for my son. We just love the designs as well.

If your making homemade gifts this year from the kitchen you will just LOVE their labels that they offer to put on the jars or packages that you will be giving. They offer a unique way to label your gifts and you can also have the dates of when they were made or when they expire put on the labels for those who are receiving them. They are sure to love the personal touches that you include on the label. They will make the perfect gifts with your beautiful labels and you can choose the label that best suits your style to add your information to.

I’m going to have to get some more labels for our homemade gifts as I love to give out Jellies every year with the date made on them and made in our kitchen on them. I usually write them but it took so long so I love Kidecals they take the work out of the labels for me. There are so many great labels to choose from your sure to find many that you love!

*Disclosure* We received Labels to review for this post but all opinions are those of my family and myself.

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