JanieBee Castle Princess Quilted Nap Mat Review #Kids #NapMat

Cae in Janiebee nap mat

JanieBee offers beautiful Quilted Nap Mats, in a wide variety of colors and styles for boys and girls. Janibee also offers Pet Beds and Quilts as well, in a wide selection of colors and styles. I received the Castle Princess Quilted Nap Mat to review with my princess’s and when it arrived it was rolled up and had an adorable handle that you could place on your shoulder to take with you for a stay at Grandma’s, for school or anywhere else that they will be on the go to.

Janiebee nap mat

When I unrolled the Castle Princess Quilted Nap Mat and it was just so adorable! The Minky Blanket and Pillow are just so soft and so easy to wrap up in and fall asleep with, even the children with the need for rubbing their blankets on their faces will just love the blanket and pillow. It offers a wonderful quilted mat for your child to sleep on. You can see from the photo that my princess of a granddaughter is just in love with the nap mat. My son tried to lay on the nap mat to see how comfortable it was and my granddaughter had a FIT, she had claimed it and she was not going to be sharing it. I had to tell her that he was just going to try it and she could have it back again for her to allow him to try the mat.

My granddaughter has been laying on it everyday since it arrived, she just loves the comfort of the nap mat and she will take her naps with no fighting again. I love that the pillow can be taken out of the pillow case and washed. The mat will fit easily into the washer and come out beautiful. It’s perfect for travel as well, it will not take up a lot of space. You and your child will just love this beautifully constructed nap mat. If you can not find your child, I suggest looking under the blanket they may be fast asleep on their nap mat. It’s perfect to take camping with you as well so that they can sleep on their nap mat and cover with their blanket. The nap mats come in a variety of styles from airplanes to solid colors. Your sure to find the perfect nap mat, quilt or pet bed for your loved ones at JanieBee.com.

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