Instant Pot Ultra 6 qt. Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

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I received the Instant Pot, Ultra 6qt. to review for our Christmas gift guide. I was pretty excited to see what all the hype is about the Instant Pot is. I have seen a lot of facebook groups for recipes, pinterest was full of recipes, and many of my friends were raving about owning one. So I wanted to see if it lived up to all the hype.

When the Instant Pot Ultra arrived, I read through the instructions. I wanted to make sure I was using it properly for the review and well of course because it would be making our dinner. I looked at all the different features you could use to make different things in it. I decided to ignore all those features till I figured out what I wanted to make. I did the water test first as it stated in the directions. The test went well, so we were ready to make a dish for the family.

Since my son’s and I were sick, we wanted something with a lot of fresh veggies and something easy to eat for us. So I decided on making a delicious Beef Stew, which I have to say the family just LOVED! So much flavor and it really made the veggies and meat were perfect. It was so good that I had to make a 2nd pot of the Beef Stew as it was that big of a hit. They actually ate it all before I could even get a picture. The beef stew has gone on the family favorites list.

The next day I decided to steam some fresh corn on the cob to freeze. It was so easy to steam and then I put the corn into freezer bags to freeze for this winter so we can still have some of summer when it’s cold outside. It’s always a great way to get rid of some of the cabin fever we have when we can have something from summer to eat. So I love to freeze different veggies so that we can break up our meals with summer foods when it’s cold out. It is always a huge hit with the family. I can again through it into the instant pot and finish steaming it so that you get that fresh summer flavor. They are all so excited about that. So when it’s -25 outside, we can bring in some summer weather.

I also decided to make some Barbacoa Beef for tacos for our family. We love Barbacoa tacos so I was excited to see how it was from the Instant Pot Ultra. It came out perfectly, so juicy, had lots of flavor, and the tacos were just perfect. They really hit the spot for the family.

There are so many different things that I want to make still, I’m dying to make a cheesecake. However, I am waiting till I feel a little better to make one. The Instant Pot Ultra is just as amazing as they say and worth all the hype! It really makes some great meals, there are so many recipes to explore and make. I also love that it has the delay cooking time which is great for the hectic busy days that we all have. You can have your meals ready when you are as the Instant Pot Ultra will keep your meals warm till your ready to eat. I just love all the options on the Instant Pot Ultra. Even though I am still getting ready to use some of them, I can’t wait to make so many great meals for the family in Instant Pot Ultra. If your looking for a great kitchen appliance that will make your life easier, then look no further. The Instant Pot Ultra would also make an amazing gift for a bridal shower, Birthday or the holiday season. Give the gift of making someone’s life easier with some fabulous meals!

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