Instant Glam Styling Head Doll Review #Christmas Gift Guide

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I received a Instant Glam Styling Head Doll to review. I saw them at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair in Chicago. I saw the Instant Glam Styling Head Doll and instantly fell in love with them! There were many reasons that I fell in love with them, and why so many were flocking to their booth to see the Styling Head Doll as well.

When I arrived at the booth I hung back and watched how the kids reacted to the Instant Glam Styling Doll. The kids were going crazy over the Instant Glam Styling Doll, they were just loving this Doll. I was talking to the kids to see what they liked about the doll, they loved that it had hands that moved so you could paint it’s nails, other styling head dolls do not offer this feature. They loved that they were not stuck with one type of hair color, they could do wild and sassy hair styles on the Instant Glam Styling Doll head. They loved that they could get as creative as they wanted with this Styling Doll Head and be able to change it again as often as they wanted. They also loved that they could purchase other hair colors for the Styling Doll Heads as well.

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The Instant Glam Styling Doll Heads are not your typical Styling Doll heads! Your child can remove their hair completely and start from scratch to have any hair style that they want from blonde to wild colors like Purple, pink, and Blue to mention a few of the colors. They can mix and match any colors that they want and even do a rainbow hair style if they would like. The hair comes off and goes back on with ease and it’s easy for all age children to play with. Teens were loving the Instant Glam Styling Doll Heads as well because they offered such a variety of hair color choices. They were playing as much as the younger children and having as much fun as them as well. They were all wanting one for Christmas and asking their parents to get them a Instant Glam Styling Doll Head.

One of my biggest things that I loved, well their were actually two things that I loved the most about these dolls. The first being that they have black Instant Glam Styling Doll heads! They are just the most adorable dolls as well and they had many different hair types for them as well. Having Bi-racial grandchildren I am always on the lookout for companies who make black dolls as well as white dolls. However, most of the time black dolls do not always come out looking the way they should. The Instant Glam Styling Dolls have the most beautiful black dolls I have found so far for my princesses! I just loved the hair, the facial features, just everything about them. The second thing that I absolutely loved is the passion that the Doll creators have for their dolls. They take so much pride in them, you can see how they light up when they are showing how they work, how the kids can play with them, how much they wanted them perfect for their customers. It really showed when they were at the fair. They took so much pride in each doll that they made and how they put them together because they wanted children to enjoy them for a long time. Their excitement is what got people flocking to their booth and wanting to purchase the Instant Glam Styling Doll Head along with how adorable they are and how many options they offered for the Doll Heads. Kudos to them for their hard work on these beautiful dolls, they did an amazing job on them!

If you have been looking for a Styling Doll head for this holiday season for your princess to play with. I can tell you that I would choose Instant Glam Styling Head Doll every time!

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