iClever BoostCare Kids Headphones Review


If your children are like mine they are always wanting a new headset to listen to music, to use with their tablets, for at school with their computer work and more. I just heard yesterday from my son that his headset for school wasn’t working correctly. So I had to send a new pair. It seems that my kids go through more headsets then I can count or care to! So I was excited to test out the iCleaver BoostCare Kids Headphones with my son’s.


We received the iCleaver BoostCare Bat Headphones to review. They also offer the iCleaver BoostCare Deer Headphones and the iCleaver BoostCare Cat Headphones as well. They are all so adorable as you can see. I love that they offer the kid-safe volume limited control on them as well so they can not hurt their ears and they can not blare whatever they are listening to. They are also built to take hard hits, stretching, and kids use and abuse. Which is great when you have younger children using them because they don’t always understand about not stretching the headsets and think that they should just go where they would like them to.


My son’s and I tested out the bat headset along with my granddaughters who were all fascinated with the headset. They all tried the headset on to see how they each looked in the fun “Bat” designed headsets and all had lots of giggles. Then we tried it with Netflix and watching a movie with them. I loved that I didn’t have to keep telling them to turn the volume down like I do with most headsets. The volume was perfect for them to hear and one that as a parent I liked as well even when they turned it up as high as it would go.

Since my granddaughters are little they handled the stretch test. When they put them on and took them off they always stretch them further then they need to. However, where other headsets fail to bounce back the iClever headset bounced right back with no problems at all. The girls were excited that they were able to touch this headset as I normally do not allow them to touch them because they stretch them out and then the boys are unhappy. I can allow them to use them and the boys do not complain at all, which is an epic win that the little ones can use them as well!

I really found no flaws with testing the iClever headset at all. They were easy to adjust, the little ones could use them with no problems, no volume issues. These are our usual problems with headsets. The universal Compatibility is a huge plus as well, it can be used with iPhones, tablets, your car video player, iPads, and much more. So you will no longer have to say “Please turn the volume down I can’t hear myself think”, or “turn it down the volume is way to high”. The designs are adorable and would make a perfect gift!

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