Green Tea With Star Mint Candy For When Your Sick #Cold #Flu

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I have made this tea for my family when we are sick and it really works well for sore throats, stuffy noses, or when your sick. It’s actually one of the first things my children ask for when they feel like they are coming down sick. Which is surprising as they are really not huge hot tea fans. So it’s really nice that they know it will help them feel better.

I give it to my granddaughter’s as well when they are sick. It even goes into the babies bottles so that they can breath better when they are sick and they love the taste and that it’s helping them to sleep. My daughter’s also make it for my granddaughter’s when they are sick at home. It really soothes them, helps them to sleep instead of being miserable all night long. It’s very easy to make and has only a few ingredients but they are easy to find at any grocery store or drug store as well.

Green tea bag
Brown Sugar
Star Mint Candy (as shown in photo)


* Fill a mug with water and add a Star Mint Candy

* Heat the mug for 1 1/2 minutes

* Stir till candy dissolves and remove tea bag

* Add Brown sugar for taste

You will want to drink the tea while it’s warm for it to work the best.

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