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I couldn’t wait to open the box for the Gray Love Stuffed Heartbeat Bear to see what the bear looked like and how it worked. I have to say when I saw it through the window in the box I thought it was adorable. It was such a pretty shade of gray and the yellow contrast of the frame was just the perfect compliment to the gray of the bear.

giraffe heartbeat animal

When I opened the box, I felt the fur on the bear and OMG! it was just amazingly soft! The frame was of the same material as well. You know that really soft fluffy material that you can’t get enough of once you feel it. I just sat there feeling the fur for the longest time. I finally broke myself away from feeling the fur and looked at the heart that you use to record the baby’s heartbeat. I also read the instructions for being able to record the baby’s heartbeat. I have to say the heart that they have is so cute. I found that the heart was very easy to use and to record the babies heartbeat. It really was only 4 steps to recording the heartbeat of your little bundle of joy! So it really doesn’t get any easier to do then that and each step was very simple that even if your not tech savvy you would be able to record your child’s heartbeat with ease and no one would be the wiser how easy it would be to do it unless you tell them.

rabbit gender reveal animal

When you or the Mommy To Be goes to their Dr’s appointment and want to record the heartbeat then you just remove the tab that sticks out of the heart. Then you push the switch to the record, place the heart with the speaker area next to the heartbeat sounds to record them. Then you just push the switch over from the record to the save it area and then place a piece of tape over so it won’t move and record over the heart beat. Then you place it back into the bear and add your ultrasound photo in the frame and your beautiful keepsake is perfect. I really thought that this would be a great gift for a Mommy To Be, it would be a perfect gift for the child as well when they get older as well. I wish these adorable animals had been around when I had my children, I would have made each of my children one.


I also love that they have a wide variety of animals available for you to choose from as well. I love the Gender reveal bears as well, they would be perfect to use at a reveal party. They also have many other animals like the Elephant, Lamb, giraffe and many others to choose from. The Mommy To Be will just love the Heartbeat Animals. They will be a hit at any Baby Shower or Gender Reveal party.

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