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Caramel Apple Popcorn Witch

We had a great time making these Caramel Apple Witch Popcorn Balls. They were easy to make but OMG! They were so good to eat! The kids already ate their Caramel Apple Popcorn Witch that they each made and are requesting more. They just loved the flavor and even more so since I used three of their favorite things to make them. I have to say that I am glad that the clean up is really easy as well. I will give you my tips for clean up as well to make it easy after the fun to get in and out of the kitchen.

I used all of my favorite Good Cook Cooking products to make these yummy treats, and I have such an easy clean up when I am done making them.


8 Caramel Apple Suckers ( I use the ones from Tootsie Roll)
26 Kraft Caramels
8 Cups of Microwave Popcorn or Air Popped Popcorn (I use Microwaved popcorn)
3 Tablespoons of water
Food Coloring
Vanilla Frosting
Sugar Ice Cream Cone
Candy Corn
Christmas mini M&M’s or another candy you would like to use or you can use frosting and just color it for the eyes and mouth

You will start with making the Popcorn Ball, for making the Popcorn balls you will want to crush the Caramel Apple Sucker with a butter knife or whatever you have on hand. You just want to break it into pieces to make it easier to melt. You will also want the 26 Caramels and 3 tablespoons of water to melt all in your double boiler and 2-4 drops of Green food coloring to get the color you would like for the Witches Faces. While it is melting put your popcorn in the microwave or air pop it, you will need 8 cups of popcorn to make 4 Popcorn balls.

You will put the popcorn in a mixing bowl that will hold all the popcorn, Take out any that did not pop, then you will pour your Caramel Apple Mixture over the top of your popcorn and mix it well so that all the popcorn is covered. You will then use your hands or you can use the Good Cook Popcorn Ball Maker to make your round popcorn balls. Let them set for a few minutes so that they are perfect.

Take your Ice Cream Cone and put a little frosting around the edge that you will be sticking onto the popcorn ball. Then cover the cone in the same colored frosting. We used a violet color by mixing 4 drops of Red and 4 drops of Blue food coloring in a small bowl of frosting. Then stir it up and cover your Cone. They do have the Black Food coloring as well that you could purchase to use or mix colors to get your black as well.

Caramel Apple popcorn witch hat

You can use candy or colored frosting to make your Witches face, my son’s used Mini Christmas Colored M&M’s and Candy Corn, you can really use any candy that you would like, Just put a little bit of frosting to back of the candy and place it where you would like it. Your children will have a lot of fun making their witch the way that they want it to look. Then your witch is complete.

Clean Up Tips: When your waiting for your popcorn balls to set up put fill your double boiler with Hot Water and place it to the side stir it once or twice while your decorating your Witches. Once all of your popcorn balls are made fill your mixing bowl with hot water and place your stirring Spatula in there as well. Let them sit with hot water for 30 minutes and then after stirring a couple of times rinse the bowls and my pans out and wash them.

Make your own popcorn with the Good Cook popcorn kit. 25% off at Good when you use PROMO CODE: POPCORN. Let the popcorn fun begin, the family is going to just LOVE the fun and getting to eat all the treats as well.

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  1. Debi says:

    I love the witch’s hat. It is very creative.

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