Good 2 Grow Organic Juice Review

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Good 2 Grow Organic juices come in adorable character containers that the kids will just love! They have a lot of the newer characters as well as favorites. However, is that the best part about Good 2 Grow Juice??? No, but it does help you to get the kids to want to drink their organic juices. Their organic juice comes in Apple, fruit punch, Strawberry Kiwi, and other great flavors. Good 2 Grow Organic Juices offer no added sugar and they are also Non GMO, for a healthier drink for your children.

We tried Good 2 Grow juices and their adorable character tops, the kids were so excited about the Characters that they received. So I thought well they don’t need to know about the organic juice that is inside. So I handed them out to the kids and opened the top for my granddaughter. They took their first drinks and I asked them how they liked the flavors. I hadn’t noticed I gave my younger son the Strawberry Kiwi, he is not a fan of that flavor so he complained at first but I traded him for the fruit punch and he tried it and just loved it. My other son and my granddaughter had their juice gone in no time. I loved the Strawberry-Kiwi, it had a great flavor and I loved that there is no added sugar.

I had to actually run to the store to purchase more Good 2 Grow organic juice for them because it was on the request list for the children. My youngest son has no requested that he has them in his school lunches when school starts back up again as well. Since they are healthy drinks, fit into his lunch box easily, and he loves them we will be stocking up for him to have them for his lunches. I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of children making requests to their parents to have Good 2 Grow Juices in their lunch boxes once he brings his in. I don’t think that the parents are going to mind since it’s an organic juice. Your child will also love the flavors and characters that are available, so you can have them drinking a healthy juice and they are going to love it.

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