GoGo’s Crazy Bones Bonanza Party

I was offered to hold an event for GoGo’s Crazy Bones Bonanza from Childs Play Party . We held our event on April 25th, we had 10 children attending the event and their parents. We had a amazing time, the parents and the children hadn’t heard of the GoGo Crazy Bones so I thought that would be better and get the kids more excited as well. You can visit Gogo Crazy Bone’s Facebook page to find more information on Gogo Crazy Bones or their Gogo Crazy Bone’s Website.

So the day of the event we had decorated with my children and my cousins children and get all the food, drinks and put out the GoGo Crazy Bones but for all the children. Here is what we got in our Gogo Crazy Bones Bonanza pack from Child’s Play Party.

15 GoGo’s Crazy Bones Sticker Album’s
15 GoGo’s “Flow” Packs with 3 Gogo’s and 1 Sticker per pack
100 single Gogo packs with 1 Gogo and 1 sticker in each
How to play Gogo Crazy Bones instructions (Included in sticker album)
10 Guest evaluation forms

The kids arrived and we started off with some fun games that were included in the Gogo Crazy Bones instructions. The kids were having a great time! The kids then had a snack and drink and then we played some more games during one of them the kids knocked over the table with the extra snacks and drinks on it. lol (GLAD it was outside!) They were having so much fun they weren’t watching where they were going but no one got hurt.

After we finished playing games I gave the kids each a Sticker Book and some packets of the Gogo Crazy Bones. When they were opening everything you could just see how curious they were about the Gogo Crazy Bones, they were turning them in every direction. lol I had them put a few of their stickers in their sticker books so they could see how to do it for when they were at home. Then we played a few more games for the kids to win more Gogo’s Crazy Bones for their sticker albums and to play with at home. When we played the different games the kids could win more Gogo Crazy Bones with each Game. They were having such a great time.

Then at the end of the Party we had the kids sit on the porch and the parents filled out the forms for the Evaluation of the Party. I didn’t look at the Reviews at the party I just put them away and looked at them later but I have to say that the kids and the parents gave them rave reviews! While the Parents were filling out the forms I was watching the kids and I had given them all baggies to put their Gogo Crazy Bones into so they wouldn’t lose them on the way home. The kids were sitting there for an hour after the party just playing on the porch with their Gogo Crazy Bones. The parents were talking and asking where they could get more! They knew the children that attended were going to want to finish their sticker albums and add to their collections. I explained that Walgreens, Wal-mart and several of our other stores carry them and they can find them on Amazon.com as well. I’m not sure who was having more fun with them though the kids or the parents. lol

I do have to say that we did this event at my cousin’s house as she has more room in her yard and I do believe she now has the “Cool” House to hang out at. lol The kids asked if we would be having another party again soon. So I would have to say that they had a great time and the party was a success. I do believe that the parents also loved that we wore the kids out and I’m sure they slept great that night. 😉

I went over to my Cousin’s house last night and the kids that attended the party came running over when they seen us there. They came to tell us how much fun they had and how they play with their Gogo’s everyday. Their parents have added to their Gogo Collections and they said their parents love to play with their Gogo’s too. They all told me thank you again for letting them come over for the party and their sticker books and Gogo Crazy Bones. It seems to have spread to a lot of their friends as well that were their yesterday, they all had Gogo’s and were sitting in a huge circle in the driveway playing with them. My Cousins and I have also added to our children’s Gogo Collections and have to say the kids just love them!

Thank you to Child’s Play Party for allowing us to take part in this amazing party fun! There are a lot of happy kids here with their new GoGo Crazy Bones!

The only bad part of the Party….had nothing to do with the Crazy Bones but my camera wasn’t working the best so I didn’t get all the pictures that I had wanted to so you could get the full affect of the fun that the kids and parents had.

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