GlassesSho​p Eyeglasses Review

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I received a pair of glasses from GlassesSho​p to review. They have a large selection of Men’s, Women’s and children’s glasses. They offer styles and names of all the popular eyeglasses with so many colors to choose from that your sure to find the perfect pair for you or your family.

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My son decided on the glasses above because they look like Clark Kent’s glasses from the Superman movie. They arrived and they fit him perfectly, the lens prescription was perfect, and he just loved them. He also looks so handsome in them. I loved that they were a plastic frame because he kept breaking the nose bridge on the wire frames. My son doesn’t seem to realize how strong he really is, and how to be gentle with the nose bridge. So these glasses will not have that problem at all. He just loves them so much and they are very sturdy glasses.

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Your budget will love the prices at GlassesSho​p. They offer glasses starting at $19.95! Your sure to find a pair in your budget and in a style that you will just love. There are so many glasses to choose from so you may want more then one pair for these great prices as well. They also offer Sunglasses as well starting at this great price, so you will be set for the summer sun as well as your everyday wear. It’s a great time to purchase a spare pair of glasses to have on hand in case your pair gets damaged. It’s always better to be safe then sorry. Your budget will thank you for purchasing your glasses from GlassesShop.

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