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I received the Gas Out Game for our family to review. As always the review is of the opinions of our family and myself. We read the instructions for the game and shuffled the deck of cards so we were ready to start playing the game. My grandchildren and my son’s were ready to play the game. So I dealt out 3 cards to each of them. They held their cards and my grandson started the game as he is the youngest playing the game. So I helped him choose a card to play and push on the gas to see if it passed gas.

The kids loved that they could skip players, reverse the turn back to them, and then see if they can keep playing without making it pass gas. The kids were just having so much fun playing the game together and laughing. When each one of the kids would take their turn you could see them closing their eyes, making faces, and things before they pushed it down to see if it would pass gas. It was so funny to watch their facial expressions they were making each turn they had.

It was a great way for us to have less screen time and more family time but in a fun way. They were just playing and laughing and didn’t even realize there were no electronics on. We love to have fun family game nights and Gas Out is the perfect way to have a great time with the whole family. We kept playing the game over and over again. They had a so much fun that when it was time to eat dinner they didn’t want to go to the table to eat. So I told them it was time to eat but that when they were done eating they could go back to playing games again. So that finally got them to the table.

Gas Out would make a great gift this holiday season, but it would also be a fun birthday gift or just for family game nights as well. It’s a fun as well as funny way to get the family having fun and away from t.v., tablets, and all other screen time activities. I can tell you that this weekend we will be doing another family game night and Gas Out will be apart of the fun game night. It has quickly become a family favorite as well. It will keep you laughing and cringing when you hear the fart sound.

You can also win a family prize pack to add to your family game nights on A Mom’s Paradise thanks to Mattel for allowing us to review these great games as well as offer some great giveaways of them as well. Good luck everyone!

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