Frugal Baby Shower Foods

As many of you know I just had my baby shower on last Saturday and I was hoping to have this posted sooner but it has been a tad crazy here lately. So I wanted to get this posted so that you had it as I know several of you have baby showers coming up. Her baby Shower went down from the original amount of 50 guests we were expecting to about 25 guests. Perfect size for us and here is how I did a frugal Baby Shower.

* Cake~ I purchased 3 boxes of Spring cake mix with the different colors in the cake mix already so that it would show through when cut ( Like Funfetti cake mix) I purchased a Lasagna pan & Cake pan from Dollar Bill store to make them in. (Then my daughter made the baby hands and feet prints on top of the cake) I then layered them on top of each other and we decorated with frosting and my cousin had some GREAT cake decorating tools from Pampered Chef so we used those. (She was thrilled because she could tell her hubby they WERE used. lol) He has a tendency to tell her she has to many parties and that she never uses all the things she gets. lol Have to say they were easy to use and fun to play with! The cake Decorating Kit looks like this one:

There is also this Tupperware Squeeze It Decorator Set
that is pretty much the same as the one we used.

Food for Baby Shower

We were having a more casual Baby Shower for my daughter so my daughter wanted Meatball Bombers for her friends and Hot Beef as well. So that was fine with me so we headed over to our local GFS (A rather new store here) to see what deals they would have. I have to say that I was really loving their prices! I purchased a HUGE bag of Meatballs for $6.95 and a 5lb bucket of Hot Beef already made up with the Juices for $11.95. I had the Marinara and Spaghetti sauce already at home from quite a while ago so no need to pick those things up. So for our Meat Selections for 25 people it was under $20!

My Ex husband’s Girlfriend made Mosticolli and Chicken Alfredo to go with the Hot Beef and Meatball Bombers. She did an amazing Job on them. They were a big hit with everyone. They were also the perfect compliment to the other foods served.

Potato Salad~ I again used my purchase at GFS to pick it up as they had American Potato Salad for a 10lb Carton (Looks like a Milk Carton~ The GFS Brand) it was $8.95. I was a tad leary about getting it as I had not tasted it before but I got rave reviews from the guests about how they just LOVED it! SCORE! lol Plus it was under $1 a lb! I will let you in on a secret…I haven’t made potato salad before so I was NOT about to give it a whirl for the baby shower. lol My mom or my step father always make it and both have been very busy and not feeling well so I wasn’t about to ask them.

Veggie Tray~ I again used GFS as it was cheaper then our local stores by over $5! I had planned to go to our local Fruit/Veggie & Flea Market but I wouldn’t have had time to do it the day of the shower and they are only open on the weekends. So I went with the GFS for $13 for a 5lb tray of Veggies & Dip. There was plenty for everyone and took some home as well. The ones in the store were about $20 for the same tray!

Cold Salads

My cousin made a amazing Italian pasta salad, I went to my stockpile and pulled out the Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad Bacon Ranch Salad to make, Then went to my Stockpile for the Tropical Pineapple Jello Salad that I made as well and put in Tropical Fruit and Fruit Coctail in and picked up the whip cream and marshmellows for it.

Deli Tray~ If you remember back after last Christmas I posted a 75% off sale for Hillshire Farms Christmas Gift packages with their different sampler packs of Cheese and Sausages that I had purchased for this baby Shower. I froze the cheese and sausage to keep it for the event. Worked out great for it. I will be doing that again this Christmas for next years summer events again. It worked out so well for it that I loved it for the event and the 75% off deal as well! It really pays to plan ahead it can save you a bundle!

The Bread for the Meatball Bombers and Hot beef were picked up by my ex husband as well for the event.

So all in all it was a pretty frugal event for her baby shower and everyone raved about the foods and how much there was and how great everything was as well. We were going to make individual 3 tier cakes for everyone BUT then my cable internet box decided to fry out so I had to take time to get that fixed and took a while so that removed the individual cakes from our list. However, if you would like to try it for your event so that it is more unique you can get the Fat Daddio’s 6-Cup Individual 3 Tier Cake Pan that I have to make them. If you use the cake decorating kit as well they will be amazing in no time at all. They would also work for a Bridal shower as well as a Birthday party. I do have to say that the Pan is a VERY sturdy one so you will have it for many years and events to come.

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