FilterSnap Furnace Filter Subscription Review


If your not aware you should change your Furnace Filter every 30-90 days, unless your home uses a 4” filter, in which case you can push that to every 90-180 days. So you can either mark your calendar to make the changes needed or you could use FilterSnap Furnace Filter Subscription and your correct furnace filter would come right to your door with your subscription and you just change it. I love that you can choose how often you would like them delivered and they are delivered on your schedule. You can choose 1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 months to have them delivered and they will show up for you to make sure the air your breathing in your home is clean.

If you have changed your furnace filter you know how dirty they get and how quickly they get there. I received the FilterSnap Furnace filter when it was time for me to change ours. When I pulled out the old filter it was all dusty and yucky! I removed it and put it right into the garbage bag and then put in the new sparkling clean FilterSnap furnace filter. The air in the house was much lighter, we can always tell the difference when the filter is changed. It’s always a easy chore on my list so I don’t mind changing the filter at all. It literally takes me 2 minutes to pull out the filter, then I clean out the filter area and put the new filter back in again.


I really like that I no longer have to mark the calendar to change the filter, go to the store to get one, then come home and do it. My furnace filter just shows up, I go down to the furnace and change it. At times I have also had a hard time finding our furnace filter at stores, so I have to go from store to store to locate one or wait for them to have them. Now, the correct size comes right to the door. It doesn’t get any easier then that!

I also noticed that the filters are better then the ones that I normally purchase at the stores as well. The materials used to make it are a lot more flexible and not stiff, and crunchy. I also noticed that I have less dust going in the filter area it’s going more on the filter. Which will make clean up a lot easier! I also noticed that our allergies were doing better with the FilterSnap as well then our normal filter that we were using. We have horrible allergies, so that is really important to us that we ease them as much as possible. Normally, my son’s and I will have the itchy, watery eyes and be sneezing a lot, I noticed that it has decreased a lot with the FilterSnap furnace filter.


I love the ease of getting our new Furnace filters, our allergies are lowered, the clean up with the filters are less. I find that the FilterSnap furnace filters have been a great help to our family and our furnace. If your family has allergies, your tired of marking your calendar, and you would like one less store to go to, then the FilterSnap Furnace Filter Subscription is perfect for you and your furnace.

**Disclosure** We received a FilterSnap furnace filter for this review but all opinions are mine and my families as to what we experienced while using the product.

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