FDA Suspends Johnson & Johnson License Correction

Johnson & Johnson

I was a little shocked to read this as I’m sure that many of you will be as well. The FDA is suspending Johnson & Johnson’s license for business as of June 24th. Johnson & Johnson is the multinational Consumer and healthcare major to manufacture cosmetic products at their Mulund plant.

It seems that in 2007 there were 15 batches of of Johnson & Johnson baby powder. And later it was found out that the residue was found because that the talcum powder was sterilised by ethylene oxide which in is carcinogenic and irritant. As per a report in Newindianexpress, Kamlesh B Shende, FDA joint commissioner (drugs), said: ‚ÄúThere were unacceptable levels of ethylene oxide, which is a trigger for cancer. This information was written in an article by Niticentral. I’m curious what your thoughts are on this suspended license or about Johnson & Johnson. **Posted This morning**

Correction: According to Snoops.com Johnson is only partially correct. The Indian FDA ordered a cancelation of Johnson & Johnson’s India’s License. This does not mean that Johnson & Johnson can not produce products it just means barred from selling products. Johnson & Johnson has till June 2013 to appeal this decision. **This was Just Update on Snoops**

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