Educational Insights: Crazy Cereal Game Review

Crazy cereal game

I received the Educational Insights Crazy Cereal game to review with my children. I have to say that when I heard the name of the game, I thought it’s a game that has to do with cereal, how much fun could it be for kids or the family to play?

I opened the game and saw the two cereal bowls and the Cereal serving bowl and started to get a little worried that my kids may not like the game. I put the batteries in the spoons, read the directions, and we were ready to play. It’s a two player game so I had my son’s learn the instructions and then had them play a game. The spoon changes colors and you put a piece of that color cereal on your spoon and in your bowl. However, if the spoon changes colors before you get it on your spoon you have to pick up the next color and you can not get the color before that one. There are also orange colored cereal that is in the bowl that you pick up when the spoon shows a number of colors and you get to pick up two pieces of cereal during that time.

I said the “ready set go” and the boys turned on their spoons and waited for the colors to start. They started to play the game, and the first round was a learning round for them. They were laughing and having a great time. Then we started the next game, they started to play again, they had picked up a lot of different pieces of cereal so they counted at the end of the game to see who would win. They had several rematches and they were just laughing and having so much fun with the game.

I then challenged them each to a game and we were all laughing and the one that wasn’t playing would cheer the others on. It was so fun, and we played for a long time together. It was a great game to play with the kids. My son is sitting next to me with the bowls and counting the pieces of cereal as I’m writing this review. He wants to make sure that all the pieces are there and work on his math skills as well. It’s a really cute game for the family, your children are going to love playing as much as mine have. They just loved waiting for the next color to show up on their spoon, and both trying to pick up the piece of cereal that they were suppose to. The laughter that came from the kids was just wonderful. I know they will be playing the Crazy Cereal Game for a long time to come.

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