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EndenPURE Oxileaf

The EdenPURE OxiLeaf arrived and it couldn’t have been better timing since we were sick. I opened the box and saw this adorable little leaf. I read the easy instructions and plugged it in. I turned the dial and you could smell it smell it starting to work. I wanted to try to keep the germs to a minimum so that we could get over this cold.

My son’s could smell the EdenPURE Oxileaf working as well. It has a wonderful clean scent and you can adjust it to what your family likes. I love that you can adjust it because some scents can be over powering and you can’t adjust them. You can get the perfect amount for you and your family. While purifying your home, killing germs, freshens the air, and helps with your allergies and other respiratory conditions as well. It’s so easy to use that even my son’s can adjust the dial if I have to run to the store. My older son is very aware of scents and most bother him but he doesn’t have an issue with the Oxileaf.

EdenPURE Oxileaf1

I have two son’s who have very low immune systems, my youngest son has Asthma and the boys have allergies as do I. So when the EdenPURE Oxileaf is perfect for all their needs! It has really cut down on my son’s watery itchy eyes, his sneezing, and keeping germs at bay so that we have less worries of people coming over and getting my son’s sick. It’s really been so helpful to my son’s health. I can see this being a better cold and flu year for our family! I also love that if we go to visit somewhere I can bring it with us, plug it in and let it start to work. If we have a time were we are visiting friends and family where we will be spending the night we can put it in our rooms and it will be very easy for us to bring to a hotel if we are on vacation as well.

I honestly can not find one thing that I do not love about the design, the way that the EdenPURE OxiLeaf purifies the house and kills germs and makes the house smell so clean. It is really a great product to have and use with any family and keep any home smelling fresh and keeping it 99.9% free of air pollutants as well. You and your family will thank yourself or if you get it as a gift the person who got it for you! I was wondering how this little leaf could do all the things that they claimed but it has exceeded my expectations! We have a good size living room, dining room and kitchen and I can tell a huge difference in the whole house. It really does what they say! I used it for about 2 weeks before I wrote anything because I really wanted to ensure that this review is accurate and it has just blown me away at how wonderful it really is!

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