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tween stars live 2015

Who wants to be “The Best Parent EVER” with your child/ren???? The new Disney And Nickelodeon Tweens Stars Live Tour will be performing in several states, the list is in the link above. It will tell you about all the shows and states they are available and how you can purchase tickets.

You may not remember but I attended the last Disney And Nickelodeon Tweens Stars Live Tour with my son’s. It was really an amazing experience for the whole family and all the families that attended the show. I highly suggest purchasing VIP tickets as your child will be able to meet and have the photos and get signatures of the stars as well. One of the most amazing parts of the VIP tickets is that they make sure that EVERY child gets to meet each and every star! The stars do not leave the building until they have met every child.

The event was so professional, so much fun seeing the kids go up on stage and meet and play games with their favorite stars. It’s an experience that your child will NEVER forget! My son’s are still talking about when we attended this past January. You can read more about the event we attended for the Disney And Nickelodeon Tweens Stars Live Tour, so you can see the full experience of when we attended.

Be sure to check out if Disney And Nickelodeon Tweens Stars Live Tour will be in your area shortly. Many of the shows are for next month so be sure to get your tickets now as it’s sure to be a show that you won’t want to miss out on!

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