Disney Frozen Where’s Olaf Game Review


The Disney Frozen Where’s Olaf Game is a game that is a cross between Hide And Seek and Hot And Cold games. My granddaughter’s go nuts over anything Frozen related. So they were so excited to play the game. They wanted to hold Olaf of course but I explained that we were going to play a game with him and they were excited about that.

So we started the game and let my youngest granddaughter hid Olaf and I helped her. So that I could answer the questions if she couldn’t because she is 2 years old. So we started the game and the girls asked questions and we told them if they were hot or cold to finding Olaf. It was so cute when they got the clues and then received a go look card they were just running everywhere they thought that Olaf could be. They were looking high and low and they didn’t find him, even though one of my granddaughters were looking right around where he was.

They were having so much fun. They kept playing but the timer ran out and they hadn’t found Olaf so I had my granddaughter go get Olaf from where we hid him. Then my other granddaughter’s got their turns as well. There was so much giggling and they were just having so much fun playing. Although one of the granddaughter’s left him down where my grandson could find him so when they went looking for him they found Olaf in my grandson’s mouth. lol So we had to play again making sure that Olaf went a little higher out of his reach so that they could find Olaf.

The game comes with the following:

1 Game board
26 question tiles
7 go look! Tiles
1 Sand timer
1 Plush Olaf

The kids had so much fun playing over and over again. When my son’s came home they played with the girls as well. We have been doing a lot of family game nights and will continue to through the winter so this is a great way for the kids to get some exercise and have fun at the same time! They take off like a flash when they get a go look tile. It was so much fun for them to play together. They learned how to play it on their own so I could just let them play on their own.

When their parents got here they were playing with the girls as well. Everyone was having such a great time. Now, every time the girls come over they ask me “Nana, Where is Olaf?” they want to play the game. They love that they can all play it together and can play it on their own without us having to hover over them while they are playing. So while they are playing I get to cuddle up with my grandson and have some one on one time with him. So it has been wonderful that the girls love it so much and continue to want to play the game.

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