Dicecapades 2nd Edition Game Review

Dicecapades game

I received Dicecapades 2nd Edition Game to review with my family. I hadn’t heard of Dicecapades before I received it, so we were a little curious about the game. My son’s were excited when they saw all the dice and game pieces. The game comes with 50 AWESOME dice, 75 Thinkingtown cards, 75 Actionland cards, 50 Triviaville cards, sand timer, and the rules on how to play.

My children and I sat down to play Dicecapades after reading the rules, we were having so much fun. You may need to stack 6 dice in 30 seconds, take a physical Challenge, name as many state capitals as you roll, or other fun tasks. My son’s and I were having fun playing and we were learning a lot as well while playing. It’s a great game for Family game nights or for parties as well. All ages can play this game but it may be a little harder for younger children. So we made the game a little easier for my younger son so that he could play as well. He did more of the stacking of dice, physical challenges, and artistic challenges as well. This game would be great for playing at a party or when you have guests over. Everyone will have a great time playing. Dicecapades would also make a great gift as well.

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