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With your Tradeshow booth from ExpoMarketing, all you need is an innovative idea to drive the point home. We’ve all been there, racking our brains trying to come up with something unique yet relevant. Giveaways have become so common that they are now mandatory, despite having an appealing booth the competition might still be stiff and in most cases, an excellent presentation is accompanied by creative ideas.

What do you opt for to make your presentation at a tradeshow memorable, or ‘Twitterable?’ ExpoMarketing, the leading trade show booth creator in the United States is here to guide you on some of the freshest, simple ideas you can incorporate to your presentation.

Who is ExpoMarketing?

We’ve all been to tradeshows and seen what sets the top players from the rest, a presentable booth. ExpoMarketing specializes in the creation of unique booths. With lots of bland stalls out there, it’s difficult to draw inspiration from the existing trade show display booths, that’s where ExpoMarketing comes in. How do you make a compelling, on-brand, and engaging booth even better? Where do you draw such motivation from? Before you erect your booth in the next tradeshow or conference, there are some significant changes you can implement to turn the masterpiece into a moneymaker. ExpoMarketing has scoured some of the best and worst expos and come up with the most creative ideas you can incorporate to your presentation.

Add a ‘Living’ Wall

In addition to the customizable booths from ExpoMarketing, you can add a living wall to your presentation. What is a living wall? A living wall can consist of foliage or plants. This is guaranteed to set you apart from the rest. In a jungle of corporate and bland booths, this idea will tip the scale to your favor.
Lure in your Target Audience with Seats

After going around and exploring other booths people in trade shows will appreciate the effort you put in to provide seats in your presentation. Spruce up the chairs with some eye-catching stuff such as elegant furniture or a snack. Give the attendees a break, and it will, in turn, become memorable to your prospective clients.

Element of Repetition

The key is to avoid overdoing it. Although repetition is one of the keys to successful marketing, you need to strike the perfect balance. In trade shows, you can arrange your products in such a way that the customer sees plenty of choices each viable than the last. This can be done by arranging the products on top of each other in a mixed pattern. This encourages browsing, browsing increases exposure, which eventually leads to buying.
Integrating Overhead Hangings
Drawing the attendees’ attention upwards makes the booth seem larger. With the right hanging in place, you can draw the attention of attendees from a distance. Other ideas you can use to increase the exposure of your service or products to the attendees is the use of a closed space. Closed spaces induce curiosity and also cut off distractions from background noise common in trade shows. They also deliver an intimate feeling which could lead up to a better client-company connection.

Why choose ExpoMarketing

Trade show booths are excellent for wrapping up your presentation. Nevertheless, it’s essential to get one from an experienced brand. Time is a crucial factor to consider in any business, renting or purchasing a booth from an experienced brand saves you not only money but also time. Ultimately, you should never feel like you are just getting a booth.

There should be some company-client relationship where they take you through the importance and significance of each feature in the booth. ExpoMarketing has taken the time to nurture a client-brand connection, and the result is successful trade shows. Some companies offering booths for rental limit the features on their booths as opposed to booths being sold, at ExpoMarketing, the same effort is focused for both cases.

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