Free Glasses From Coastal

You can get a free Free Pair Of Glasses from Coastal. Shhhhhhhhhh…Don’t tell my daughter that I am using her picture to show you her glasses from Coastal! lol She HATES her picture taken! She wanted some glasses that would go with anything she wore and were teen styles so she picked out this pair. She just loves them. I have also ordered them for my son and my Step daughter as well and they all love their glasses. Shortly my son needs a new pair and we will be ordering them from Coastal again! Here is how to get your FREE Pair of Glasses. This is a deal for First time customers only!

* Get Your eye exam prescription from your eye Dr. Be sure it has PD (Pupil Distance) listed on the order.

* Pick out your Free Pair Of Glasses, make sure it says coupon accepted under the picture of your glasses that you would like.

* Put in your eye glass prescription with your Pupil Distance

* Use the promo code: LENSUP at the checkout to get your free pair

* Pay Your shipping around $16 for glasses, cleaning towel, and Glasses case which is an AMAZING DEAL!

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