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Have you seen the Cloudpets Teddy Bear? It’s a soft and adorable little Teddy Bear that your child can cuddle but that’s not all. Your Cloudpet Teddy Bear can also get messages from friends and family for your child. If a parent is in the Military, Grandparents live far away, or your going out of town on a trip, They can send a message to your child. The Cloudpets Teddy bear has an app that allows you to send a message to your child’s bear and they can send a message back to you.

We were so excited to review the CloudPets Teddy Bear! I knew it was going to be arriving but my son’s did not. When it arrived and we opened the box, there was an adorable Teddy Bear inside, my youngest son that is 8 years old, grabbed the bear first and ran off with him to go cuddle him up. So I let him while I read the instructions for the bear. My son didn’t notice that he wasn’t your average bear while he was cuddling him. So I asked him to bring me the bear, I turned it on, connected the bear to my app that was so easy to install on my phone.

I left the bear on and went into another room and sent the bear a message. All the sudden I hear “MOM! Come check out this out! The Bear’s heart is glowing!” so I went back in the room by him and showed him to push his paw. My son then heard my message to him, “My name is Cuddles, and I love to cuddle with you”. My son’s were just loving the bear! So I went back into the other room again and sent the bear another message. Again my son was so excited. So he pushed the button to hear the message “Hello Jr. this is Mom, I love you” and my son’s faces were priceless! Their eyes were huge and they said “That’s you Mom!” I started to laugh and said “Yes, and now you can send me a message!” so he sent me a message back from his bear and we listened to it. They fell in love with the bear. A few minutes later their father sent them a message to Cuddles. They were just so amazed, they sent him a message back and asked me “Isn’t Dad at work?” I told them he was but he could magically send them a message to their bear now. My son’s are just in love with Cuddles, even my daughter’s that are in their 20’s want a CloudPet Teddy bear! I love that they have made the Cloudpet Teddy safe to use for children by making it so that parents can send invites to those they want to be able to send messages to their children. So not just anyone can connect to their cloudpets Teddy!

cloudpets military

Cloudpets Teddy is perfect for Military families as well! You can send messages to your family through the bear with just the app and an invitation! It’s so easy to use and your child or family member can send you a message back. It’s a great way to stay connected and have a special friend to cuddle at the same time when you miss them. Military families also receive free shipping!

The Cloudpets Teddy is the perfect gift as well! So be sure to grab them for the holidays, birthday’s or for a new baby arrival as well. They are just adorable and they will be well loved! I also have to say that I will be purchasing more of them this holiday season for my granddaughter’s as well as other’s on my Christmas list as well. They will be a huge hit with the whole family!

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