Clean Eating Honey Glazed Carrots


I love Honey Glazed Carrots, they are so easy to make and the family will clear out the bowl of them in no time flat. My oldest son will will normally only eat Raw baby carrots unless I make him Honey Glazed Carrots. It is one of the only ways that he will eat cooked carrots. If you have a problem getting your children to eat carrots then this is a great option for you to make to have them eating them all. It usually only takes getting the first bite in and they are eating them like crazy! I have known a lot of people who are not fans of carrots and turn their nose up till they try them and it becomes the only way that they will eat carrots as well.

1 lb bag of fresh baby carrots
1/3 cup Honey

Step 1 In a large Pot, boil your carrots till they are soft, uaually about 15 to 20 minutes. You can test them with a fork to see if they are ready.

Step 2: Drain your Carrots and place them in a bowl

Step 3: You will now add your honey to the carrots and stir them so that all the carrots are coated with the honey. Let them sit for a few minutes before serving so that all the honey gets into the carrots.

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