Cinnamon Spiced Apples Recipe

I have to say that we love baked apples here in so many different recipes, Apple Pies, Apple Dumplings, Apple Fritters and the list goes on. However, when we want something on a cold night to warm us up, and still have a great treat. I make these apples as a treat for the kids. It’s a big hit with them!

10 baking Apples peeled, cored and cut into slices
1/3 cup Red Hot Candies (get on sale or at the Dollar Bill store)
3 Tablespoons water
Large Pan for cooking

After Washing, peeling Coring and cutting the apples up put them in the pan with the rest of the ingredients on a low heat on the stove top. Keep stirring till the red hot candies melt and the apples are soft. Place in bowls and eat. You can top with ice cream if you would like for an extra special treat. These are so good! I make these several times a year for the kids, then we sit and watch a movie together while we eat them. The apples will turn red from the red hot candies and have a heavenly scent to the house as well so your doing double duty. lol Hope your family enjoys them as much as ours does. 🙂

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