Chudleigh’s Cherry Blossom Dessert Review

I received a Box of Cherry Blossoms from Chudleigh and I was so excited. I showed the box to the kids and said Dessert is ready for tonight! The kids ate their dinner and polished off their plates. I have to say that I didn’t hear one complaint even about veggies! They were to excited to get to the Cherry Blossoms.

When I pulled the Cherry Blossoms out of the Box the kids were all gathered around and they wanted to put them on the cookie sheet. So I gave them each one to put on. They were jumping up and down when I put them into the oven. They said that the Blossoms looked like cute little pies and when would they be done! I think if they had half a chance they would have tried to eat them frozen still! So I told the kids when the oven timer goes off they are done but we need to let them cool. The timer went off and they surrounded the oven. They were waiting to see what they looked like baked. The two boys just kept licking their lips and asking if they were cool enough yet.

We sat down to watch a movie as a family and eat our Cherry Blossoms. I have to say I don’t remember what happened in the beginning of the movie! I took a fork full of Chudleigh’s Cherry Blossom and I was just amazed at the burst of summer in my mouth! The Cherry filling was just like fresh picked Cherries with the filling that my Grandma use to make that I have never been able to perfect! The crust was a flaky, buttery tasting goodness. I was sitting there with every bite trying to figure out what made the filling so heavenly. I looked at the kids and they had their Cherry Blossoms gone and said they were so good! Can we have more tomorrow! These would be perfect for any family or even an event that you would like a fancy little dessert for, Book Club, Girl’s night, even the guys would like these during the race!

Chudleigh’s Cherry Blossoms are available to purchase at your Local Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club also carries Chudleigh’s Quiche as well so I have a feeling you will want to try them as well when you pick up your Cherry Blossoms. If they are anything like the Cherry Blossoms, heavenly textures, they would make a great breakfast or Brunch. Imagine waking up on a Sunday Morning and serving them to your family instead of the normal breakfast.

They have the Cherry Blossoms at Sam’s Club right now and then after the Cherry Blossoms comes the Pineapple Upside Down Cake. From Sept- Christmas at Sam’s you can pick up the Caramel Apple Blossoms. Be sure to look for these treats at your local Sam’s Club.

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