Children Thrown Into Juvenile Detention For Not Spending Time With Their Father

Roee Liam Natalie

There is a huge controversy in Michigan, three children have been thrown into two separate Juvenile Detention centers because they would not spend time with their father. I have many issues with this case, the co-parenting, and the judge. This case is going viral because these three children have been placed in two different Juvenile Detention centers.

There are of course always two sides to every story, if you have not seen the case as of yet, you can read more more about the case here. The Father in the case has also came forward and has an exclusive interview with Observer to give his side of the story.

There are a lot of conflicting facts in this case. In the Mother’s side of the story the children were just taken away and placed into Juvenile Detention centers. The mother and her family can not see the children while they are in the Juvenile Detention centers. Which I have a problem with the judge ordering the children placed in Juvenile Detention centers since they did not actually commit a crime. Juveniles who have committed crimes have not been placed into detention centers so I have a huge problem with this. The children were more then likely given several chances to spend time with their father before this occurred but the fact still remains that they do not belong in a detention center for not visiting their father. The children are Natalie age 9, Roee age 10 and Liam age 14, are placed in two different Juvenile Detention centers for not going to visitations with their father. This was ordered by Lisa Gorcyca, a judge in Oakland County, Michigan and they could remain in the detention center till they are 18.

I also do not agree with the comments made to the children by the Judge to the children in the court room. Comments like ……

Judge Gorcyca said this in court to the youngest of the siblings — a nine-year-old girl: “God gave you a brain. He expects you to use it.”

She also asked the girl: “You want to have your birthdays in Children’s Village? Do you like going to the bathroom in front of people?”

These comments from the judge to these children were not the only comments made by her. However, do you believe that when talking to a child that these comments are professional for a judge to be stating to a child???? I believe the judge has gone over board with the comments she has made as well as the sentence of the children being in a detention center till they are 18 and not allowed to see their mother and her family during their stay. The judge is being very harsh and then they wonder why children are afraid of the authorities… this should make children feel so much better about being in front of a judge in a court room don’t you think????

Another problem that I have with this case is that even in the Father’s interview, he states that he had supervised visitations. The courts do not just hand out supervised visitations to parents without a reason for them. So this fact that he disclosed also makes me wonder as to why the court felt the need for the supervision of the visitations. The mother in the case did not bring the supervised visitations to light but the father did in his interview. He also stated that the mother had many chances to have the children go on visitations and the children refused. My other question would be was something happening when they all lived in Israel and there is no access to those records?

There seems to be many What if’s in this case. However, it seems that the children are the ones paying the price for this messy divorce and custody battle. Parents need to learn to co-parent better and put the children’s needs before their own problems with the other parent. There are other ways to get the children to see their father. Throwing them into a detention center till they are 18 is not the answer.

I have been in the messy divorce and custody battle, trust me, my divorce took 4 years to get! Which was not because of me, I would have had it done the first court date if it was only up to me. I also had a time when one of my daughter’s were sick and wanted to stay with me and she went to her dad’s the next day when she felt better. I was still pulled into court and told if I with held my daughter from her father that “I would go to jail”. Which was crazy on my ex’s part for even bothering the judge for my daughter being sick for one day but none the less it still happened. I was told that I have to force my children to go with their father as I’m the adult. Of course the judge wasn’t told that I did tell her to “go to Daddy’s that he would take care of her and make her feel better.” Her response to that was to kick Daddy if the forbidden zone and latch onto me for dear life.

Being a parent is never easy and there is no manual that comes with your child when they are born that guides you. There is not a chapter on how to co-parent, or a chapter when you break-up or get a divorce. However, their should be some common sense with parents and co-parenting. Although that is not always the case and I see it on a daily basis and on social media as well. Parents need to start to think about the best interest of their children and put those needs above their petty feelings about the other parent. Your child did not choose to be here, they did not choose you as their parent, they did not choose for you to get a divorce, they also would not choose to be used as a pawn by you or the other parent. It’s really time for parents to learn to co-parent in a civil manner and put the child’s or children’s needs before you being petty and trying to use them to get back at the other parent.

I hope that these children will not continue to pay for their parents mistakes and they are making mistakes no matter if they want to agree with this or not. The judge needs to release these children from the detention centers as they do not belong in them. They are not criminals, they have committed no crimes! Continue with the supervised visitations for them with their father and maybe making them visit is one thing but this is going to far with the detention centers. I hope that a higher court will over turn this judges decision for the children’s sakes.

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