Are You Sure Your Child Knows What To Do When Strangers Approach Them? This Might Surprise You!

I have gone over what my children should do a million times with them. They are always “I KNOW MOM!”, however, I still see things that make me wonder if they really do understand how serious it could be. They will say “Hi” to strangers if I am standing there but if I am not near they will walk away. I do watch my children and grandchildren like a hawk because there are a lot of dangers out in the world that they do not understand as of yet.

We have a code word that is only between me and each child. If someone comes up to them and they can not tell them the code words they are to run away and get to someone they know. I remind them of the code word daily and we go over what they are to do. If someone uses the code word to pick them up from school or whatever the case may be the code word changes.

In this social experiment video the parents thought that their children would go to them. However, their child did not go to them! They went with the stranger. If your sure your child would go to you it may be time to test that theory just to make sure that they are listening to what your telling them that they are to go to you or find help. It’s very scary that just a puppy can get the children to follow the stranger in hopes of seeing more puppies. Are you really sure that your child wouldn’t go with the stranger?

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