Chicken Poorman’s Casserole Recipe

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There is a delicious twist to the original Poorman’s Casserole recipe. I love to play with recipes and make them my own and make sure they are easy to make for those who do not do a lot of cooking. This recipe is easy for anyone to make, even for the kids to make for dinner to start learning how to cook. My son’s help me make this great dish and they ask to make it often.

You can add your own twists to this recipe as well. Instead of mixed vegetables you can make it with California Blend Vegetables or use Turkey in place of the chicken. The sky is really the limit with this recipe, you can use what you have on hand to make a great meal for your family that they will love!


* 4 Chicken Breasts
* Large Bag Of Frozen Mixed Veggies
* 2 Cans of Cream Of Mushroom Soup
* 2 Cans of Milk
* 2 Packages of Buttery Idahoan Potatoes
* Shredded Cheddar Cheese


* Bake Chicken Breasts at 350 degrees till Chicken is fully cooked about 30 -40 minutes

* Cut Chicken into bite size pieces and place into 9 X 13 Pan

* Mix in your Bag Of Frozen Mixed Veggies

* Mix together your milk and Cream of Mushroom soup in a bowl and poor over the Chicken and Mixed Veggies

* Make your Mashed Potatoes as directed on the bag and then top the casserole with the potatoes

* Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes

* Top with Cheddar Cheese and Bake At 350 for 5-10 minutes till cheese melts

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