Chicago Travel And Adventure Expo January 17th And 18th, 2015

Chicago Travel expo

I attended the Chicago Travel And Adventure Expo this weekend. Our family would like to take a couple of vacations this summer. So I knew the Travel And Adventure Expo would be the perfect place to find our family vacation. There were aisles upon aisles of fabulous vacation spots to visit, which I can honestly say, I wanted to visit them ALL! It’s a perfect way to learn more about the wonderful places that you can visit and bring your family to. I loved that so many of the vacation areas are very family friendly.

Dodge City Kansas

Dodge City Kansas is one of the places that had my attention. This handsome Gent and beautiful woman told us all about what Dodge City has to offer. They offer wonderful family friendly entertainment, musical shows, adventure, museums and so much more. You will find beautiful resorts, wonderful hotels, and so much family fun in Dodge City. If the folks in Dodge City are anything like these two beautiful people your sure to have an amazing vacation! They had us laughing the whole time we visited them at this booth. I can honestly say I can’t wait to plan a vacation with our family to Dodge City!

Double JJ Resort

The Double JJ Resort In Michigan, was another wonderful area that we plan to visit this summer. They offer Rodeo’s that the guests can take part in. I honestly can not wait to see my son’s chasing a pig wearing a ribbon to get the ribbon and win a prize! Are you looking for Water Park Fun? They offer an indoor waterpark of 60,000 feet for the family to have fun at. They have a Bull that you can ride, there are so many great activities for the whole family. The Double JJ Resort also offers a beautiful Wedding location as well as Golfing, and so many other amazing activities for everyone! The family will have an amazing time at the Double JJ Resort.

Bloomington Indiana

Bloomington Indiana offers so many wonderful adventures for families. They are a College town that offers museums, family fun, and many educational events. You will have a wonderful time in Bloomington Indiana with all the fun they have to offer. Get in some great fishing, visit the farmers markets, see some college games, the whole family will have an amazing time. There is something for everyone to do, you will never have a moment of “What should we do now?”. Let the beautiful landscaping take your breath away, meet the wonderful people and take in all they have to offer.


BrushBuck is an amazing adventure that is waiting for you in many places that you visit! You can schedule tours with BrushBuck to see all the Bears, Whales and so many other species of animals. They offer tours in Alaska, Yellowstone National Park, South Africa, Kenya, and many other areas, they are also expanding to Canada and other areas very shortly. The owners of BrushBuck are vets, they completed their tours with the military and have now founded BrushBuck. They have an amazing list of tours that they offer. If your visiting one of the areas that their tours are offered be sure to contact them, it will be an experience that you will remember.

chicago travel band

There was amazing and talented musicians from all over that performed as well as dancers from the different areas that kept everyone entertained. They were dressed in the Garb from the areas and had their faces done, the fashions from the areas and performed beautiful costumes. They were all just amazing to watch. It was amazing to watch each set of performers, the audience was filled with all ages and they were all amazed with the entertainment.

chef Darryl

The Chef’s were preparing beautiful and amazing dishes during the Chicago Travel And Adventure Expo. There were so many wonderful dishes, they cooked them right in front of the audience, explained how to make the dishes as they were cooking them. The heavenly aroma kept the audience sitting on the edge of their seats. It was an amazing experience to watch them and they were very interactive with the audience as well. I loved that you could learn to make some great dishes and from a professional Chef.

If you have a chance be sure to check out your local Travel and Adventure Expo and see some of the wonderful adventures that you can take your family on as well as all the amazing entertainment. You won’t be sorry you attended as you can see there were so many different things to see and do while you attended.

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