Caramel Honey Company Honey Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


I received the Honey sticks and Orange Blossom honey from the Caramel Honey Company for our family to review. It came at a perfect but not so perfect time. My oldest son was sick, so that means a lot of green tea with star mint candy and honey for the family. It is one of our go to recipes when the family is sick and it really helps with the stomach, throat, and sinuses. So it’s the first thing my children ask for when they feel like they are coming down with something. It’s also my warning to start them on the tea, cold meds, and stock up on things that we will need. The boys are use to me using a certain honey with their tea, and they can tell if it changes. But I decided to give them the honey from in their tea. They noticed right away. However, instead of the normal grumbling I heard “Mom, this honey is making my throat feel even better then the other one.” and I also heard from them “It really makes it sweeter then normal” I was a little worried as I used less then I normally do of the honey and they really loved it. Which means that they honey will last longer!
It’s also that time of year when we make Italian cookies, OMG! YES! I have my favorites and those I can’t wait for my grandmother to make so that I can eat a ton of them. Although I really have to get the recipe soon so that I can make them and show my daughter’s how to make them. The Italian cookies we were making are dipped in honey when they are done being cooked. So I decided to change out the regular honey for some of the cookies and dip them in the Orange Blossom honey instead. They were just AMAZING with both but I think I loved the Orange Blossom honey a little more. Which was a little shocking to me as since I was small it’s always been the original honey for them. I can tell you that even my grandmother loved the Orange Blossom honey on them. She is very picky about what goes on her cookies so I told her we would do a couple just to try it and we could go back to the regular honey if she didn’t like it. We made several large batches of both the honey because they were so delicious! It recieved Grandma’s stamp of approval and I can tell you that it is not an easy task to get it!

Both of the regular honey and the Orange Blossom honey would be great in so many recipes! It can be used to replace recipes that have a large amount of sugar if you would like to cut it down in a recipe. It’s perfect for the tea lover in your life, the person that loves to cook, as well as for a dipping sauce, oh and it was so tasty in the morning on our bagels! I really loved the flavors that they offer as well. Don’t forget to try the Honey comb as well, they do offer it and it would make a great gift idea for the chef’s or those who love to cook! I have to say it is so much better then the honey that you purchase in the stores as well, it’s the pure, sweet, and amazingly fresh honey that will hook you at first use. It really made us want to find new ways to add it onto our goodies that we were making or eating.
Talk about the perfect gift for anyone and everyone on your Christmas gift list, or that person who has everything, they will love it! I also loved the reasonable prices as well! Your family will thank us for the heads up on this great find! Don’t forget that it’s perfect for all the holiday baking that will be coming up as well and you can have it shipped right to your door! It doesn’t get any easier then that. I do suggest trying some different flavors to add a little new flavors to them like we did with our Italian cookies. After all if it received a thumbs up from my grandmother, yours is sure to love it as well!

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