Candy Club ~ Candy Of The Month Review

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When I was asked if I would like to review the Candy Club, I agreed as I knew my children would like to take part in the review. So I was on board with the review and when I told my children they were so excited about helping with the review. I must say that they are pretty picky about candy though. They each will only eat certain kinds, they don’t eat it often, and so I thought it would be a nice treat for them.

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When the candy arrived we received Sour Spiders, Sour strips, Gummy Butterflies, Toffee, and Blueberry Salt Water Taffy. (The Complete box is not shown in the photo, there was more Salt Water Taffy then shown). I gave my children a small amount of each of the candies for them to try and tell me what they thought of the candy. The kids eyes just got huge when they saw that they were getting a little bit of each. They tried each piece of candy, I asked them about the flavors, the freshness, which one they liked the best, and more questions.

They couldn’t choose a favorite as they loved them all! Normally they have one favorite and will tell me which ones they do not want again. They had not had Salt Water Taffy before, they were thrilled with the flavor and how it was so soft. I had to agree with them, a lot of times you receive hard Salt Water Taffy. The toffee was just perfect as well, it had a great flavor, they did not want to bite on it so they sucked the Toffee to make sure it would last. There was not one piece of candy that they did not like. My favorite was the Blueberry Salt Water Taffy and the Toffee. They were just amazing, filled with flavor, perfect textures, and were a confectionery delight.

Candy Club, offers a new box of candy each month, you can join their club and receive $10 off your first month when a pop up box comes up when you go to the page. You can start your monthly membership of confectionery heaven! These boxes retail for $60 normally. There will be new treats every month, it’s a great way to have great candy for you and your family, use as a gift for someone’s birthday, perfect wedding gift, and a Mommy-To-Be would be in heaven with this gift. There is a wide selection of candy that will arrive to you each month. Your going to look forward to them being delivered!

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