Beware Of Some Mystery Shopper Scams

girl shopping

The holidays are coming up and there will be more and more of these scams going around. So I wanted to make sure that you are aware of some of the signs to watch out for before they happen.

Since this scam is happening Nation wide I wanted to be sure to post it for you. It’s very important that we keep you and your bank account safe and so you know the latest scams that are out there. I also want to remind you that you can also check with your local police department using the non-emergency number to see if something you received is a scam. There is usually also a facebook fan page for your local police department I do suggest following it as they do post a lot of the local scams that are going on or those that are going on national as well to keep you safe. Usually following the fan page is a great way to stay updated on any new or older scams that are going on.

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