Make Your Own Air Conditioner #DIY #AirConditioner

No, I’m not kidding you read that right. I was doing a lot of research on this topic last night as my daughter’s air conditioner went out and I had a reader say that they couldn’t replace their Air conditioner as well that had gone out. So I started thinking, there has to be a way to make your own. Low and behold there is! I have to say that I find it, not so attractive but when it’s in the 90 degree weather are you really caring what it looks like??? I would have to say NO! You have a whole let me cool off please thing going on! If you have little one’s I do suggest keeping it up on a table because of the fan blades. However, I am hearing that this does work and it does cool off the areas of your home.

So I am posting it for those of you who would like to help and elderly neighbor keep cool, your family keep cool, or someone else that you know that doesn’t have the money to purchase an actual air conditioner. You can follow the directions to Make Your Own Air Conditioner. I suggest that you start to make Ice right away before you start to put it together so that your completely ready to get started the minute your done with it. If you give this Homemade Air Condtioner a try please comment on how it works here so that we know. I would check Freecycle to see if you can get some of the materials needed for free if you do not have them on hand. You could also check your goodwill and other stores like it as well for the Materials. Happy Cooling!

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