Adopt A Grandparent In A Nursing Home For The Holidays


There are so many older people in nursing homes with no one that comes to visit them. Their families may be in another state, may have passed away, or just do not come to visit them. This holiday season you can adopt a grandparent or even a couple to brighten up their holidays. If you call your local nursing home you can ask if there are patients that have no visitors and adopt them. Visit them for a short while, learn more about them and their lives. Maybe even help Santa make their Holidays brighter by making or purchasing them a small gift and placing it in their room on Christmas Eve or having a Nurse or CNA place one in their room so they wake up to something to open.

It’s also a great way for your family to learn something from them. Many of these people have led interesting lives, lived through the depression, been in wars, have an amazing family history or other things that you and your family can learn from them. The smallest things like a visit from you, a pair of hand crocheted or knitted slippers, blanket, or other small gifts will mean the world to them. They will always remember your kindness. Who knows if the holidays go well, maybe you will continue and adopt them through out the year as well. We will be adopting several grandparents this holiday season. My son’s are so excited about meeting their “grandparents” and learning more about them and telling them more about themselves as well. It is also a wonderful way to give back to someone this holiday season. You may learn more then you ever thought from adopting a grandparent.

If you get a chance, you may also want to bring them a plate of your holiday meal as well to share with them. I can say that a lot of the nursing homes food leaves a LOT to be desired, so a home cooked meal would really put a huge smile on their faces as well. It’s the little things that we take for granted that will make the holidays so special for them. It would be great to have the whole family join in and each member of your family adopt a grandparent. It’s always a great way to show your children how to give back as well and it’s something they will always remember and it may become a wonderful family tradition that they may carry on with their children as well.

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