ABC Family Is Looking For 11-15 Month Old Twin Girls For Baby Daddy T.V. Show @abcfBabyDaddy #TwinGirls

 photo castingcallfortwingirls.jpg

Do you have a set of twin daughter’s that are ages 11-15 months old girls??? This could be your shot for child to become apart of the ABC Family Baby Daddy Show with your children. The show is just way to cute! We are big fans so I love that we could be seeing your child as Emma.

You will have to let us know if your child is going to be on the show. So we can be sure to watch them. It’s so exciting to know their will be another season as we just love the show. Baby Emma has always been so adorable on the show. It’s such a funny show, showing how Emma is being raised by her father Ben, his brother Danny, Their Mom, Bonnie and of course Reily as well as Tucker. It is always so funny and insane the times they have together. It’s always great for a laugh, a fun time with the family as well.

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