Why You Should Watermark Your Children’s Pictures You Put Online

Devin with Dove And Ryan

If your posting photo’s of your children on Facebook, Photobucket, or anywhere else online be sure to read this! As a blogger you learn quickly the ins and outs of having your photo’s taken by others quickly and that you need a watermark on them to protect them. When your a business owner, you also figure out quickly that you need your photo’s watermarked or others will use the photo’s as their “own” to sell products that they have not created but to create a buzz about their business. Using other people’s pictures is unethical to say the least and could land you in hot water with the original owner.

However, many do not think about their children’s photos as needing a watermark on them when they are used on the internet. They post them on facebook to share with family and friends, add them to Photobucket so that if their computer crashes they still have the photo’s and they are safe. They place it on other social media as well without giving it a second thought. It’s because we are so proud of our children, they made a crazy funny face, so that family that is far away can see how much they have grown, or what ever the case may be.

It’s always fun to see adorable photo’s of other’s children’s and they always brighten my day seeing them. However, once the photo’s are online there are companies, people, and others that can pray on those photo’s. A Blogging friend was doing a search for her photo’s and found that a company was using her daughter’s photo in an article about Autism. The child does not have Autism, but the photo was used to promote their product and article. She sent them an email, and requested the photo be removed, or face legal action. If the photo was watermarked they would not have been able to use the photo as you can see from my son’s photo above it makes it difficult as the watermark is placed through the photo so that it can not be cropped out and the photo can’t be used.

I use PicMonkey.com to watermark all my photo’s for free. It is very easy to use and I love that you can fade the watermark so that it’s not to distracting in the photo as well. I have used it for a long time for my blog as well as for my personal photos. You can use your first name or whatever you would like to watermark them. If your not sure how to watermark your photo’s here are the steps to watermark your photo’s.

Steps to watermark your photo’s:

Step 1: Click on edit, then select the photo that you want to watermark. The photo must be in your photo’s on your computer.

Step 2: Click on the Tt on the left hand side of the editing table, it will give you a box to choose your font you want to use to watermark with. Click on the font that you like. Make sure it’s not to hard to read.

Step 3: Click on the Add Text at the top of the font list. That will give you a box on your photo that your text for your watermark will go into.

Step 4: You can click on the box to move it where you want it on your photo, do NOT go to the bottom or very top of the photo it’s easy to crop out for people. Go through the center of the photo so that it’s harder to use. You can do it on their shirt so that it’s seen but not distracting to the photo. You can stretch the box to make it bigger by going to the edges of the box and just dragging the sides while you left click on your mouse.

Step 5: Choose your font size you would like to use, I usually use a font size of 24 or 36 for my watermarks. You can find the size right next to the word size on the box that popped up when you clicked on the add text. Now choose your font color from the rainbow of colors in the box. You want to make sure it will be seen on the photo.

Step 6: Now type the watermark that you would like to use. Once it’s on the photo, you will highlight the text and then go to the box again and under the rainbow box of colors you will see Fade. Use will slide the bar to the right to fade the color of the watermark some so that it’s not so bright but still visible.

Step 7: Once you have the watermark the way you want it, you can click on save above your photo. There will be another box that will pop up for your photos for your computer. I suggest putting a space and adding a number 1 behind what you originally saved the photo as so you know which one is your watermarked photo. You have now watermarked your photo and it’s ready to share.

It is always better to be safe then sorry. So watermarking your photo’s will save you a lot of problems of having to see who is using your photo’s. No one will be able to use or want to use them with your watermark on them. People will know it’s not their photo, and it makes it harder for them to use for articles, to advertise with, much less anything else that would be useful to them.