My Disney On The Road Adventure, The Magic Never Ends! #DisneySMMoms #RamonWOW

Disney On The Road

I was invited to Disney On The Road, it was my first Disney event, so I can’t even begin to tell you how ecstatic I was. I have LOVED everything Disney since my first visit to Walt Disney World when I was little and going to visit my grandparents. I loved the view, the warm summers, the characters I had read about in books, and they all came to life before my very eyes! What was not to love???

So when I received the invite it took me back to those days of my childhood to some of the best memories. The Disney On The Road event was no different, it was a magical day filled with stories and adventures of how Disney keeps the magic alive for families that visit all their different locations. One of my favorite stories is about how Brooklyn lost a bear, and the magical adventure that her bear Toby went on before being returned to her. It was a very special bear, it was given to her by her father before he went to Iraq, he came home and later passed away so the bear was very special to her. It was an amazing story and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, when we heard the beautiful story. Jennifer, wrote about this beautiful story on the Disney blog and was just an amazing speaker at the Disney On The Road. You could just see a gleam in her eye and the passion that she wrote the story with as she told us about the adventure that Toby went on.

 photo TobyonDumbo.jpg

We heard Gary Buchanan speak about his adventures with children and learning what they loved the most. I have to say he is perfect for the job as he is just a riot. He has learned a lot about children while at Disney, like that you can bribe them with cookies to get them to calm down. Who knew…right??? He is so wonderful with the kids, and to watch him in action with the kids you can tell that he just LOVES what he does and every day is magical for him. He has an amazing sense of humor, a smile that is contagious, and he will just make you continue to keep laughing. It’s no wonder he is with Disney, and they are very lucky to have him as a part of their team.

P6150059 Me with Gary at Disney On The Road.

Ramon De Leon, or as he is known on Twitter as #RamonWOW, was also a speaker at the Disney On The Road. I can tell you that Ramon is a inspiration that I was not expecting to be there. I thought being a Disney event that it would be all about magical experiences. His presentation was just that a magical experience and just the kick in the blog that I needed! I Love all of my readers and followers, I get up each morning and I can’t wait to post to all of you. However, after 4 years of blogging, I just felt like I was in a rut. It wasn’t that I didn’t love blogging about Deals, coupons, and freebies. It was that I was BURNED out, and I swore if I posted one more freebie, deal or coupon that I would just scream! Literally, just scream! You may have heard me half way around the world if I had, I was just that burnt out. (It feels so weird to admit that to all of you, but it’s the truth!)

When I heard Ramon, at first I was thinking, okay, well this should be interesting since it’s not about Disney. It was very interesting, he gave all of bloggers something to think about, inspired us to bring our hopes to our blogs and make them everything we want them to be and more. How to achieve the goals we aspire to reach, and he was completely up front and honest about everything he was saying to us. I have to say it was just the kick in the blog that I needed from being burned out. There are going to be a lot of changes coming to A Mom’s Paradise and I can’t wait to share them with all of you. I know we are always changing but it’s change that promotes growth, and I look forward to growing with all of you! Companies if you need you, yourself and your employees need some motivation, if your smart you to will have Ramon (#RamonWOW) come and give you the kick in the business that you need, I can truly say that you will be thrilled that you did!

me with Ramon

How could it be a Disney experience without the big Mouse himself??? That’s right! If your screaming MICKEY MOUSE right now, your so right, he was there! I turned into that little girl that had to have my photo taken with him! EEK! It was the full magical Disney experience! It has been almost 10 years since I saw Mickey last…but I will tell you that it won’t be another 10 years till I see him again! So it was only farewell for now Mickey, keep my hugs warm, and the magic alive while I am gone but I will be returning!


There were so many inspirational speakers at the Disney on the road event in Chicago. It was truly a blessing to be invited to such an amazing event. It really meant the world to me to attend and be given all the information that we relished on that day. I met so many amazing bloggers as well at the event, they were also such an inspiration. They were so gracious, easy to talk to, and they were all so envolved in reaching their Disneyside. We were all like children at Christmas just waiting to see what magical adventure would come next.

Would I attend another Disney event??? You bet I would in a minute!!!! It was just a magical experience that I was beyond thrilled to be apart of and I know the other bloggers felt the same way that I did. When I looked around the room you could just feel the magical experience that was flowing through to each of us. I still think about this event all the time, and replay it in my mind, and it inspires me daily.

What was the one thing I would change about the Disney On The Road event? NOTHING! It was a wonderful, magical, inspirational event that had not one thing about it that I would have changed. Maria, Gary, Jennifer, Ramon, and all of the others that brought this event to life did an amazing job! It was everything I imagined and more! They should all be so proud of the way the event went, I honestly can not think of one thing that in my mind should have been done differently. Kudos to you all, much love and I’m so glad that I was able to take part.