The Happy Trunk: Craft, Art And Science Project Subscription Review #art

happy trunk project

I received a box of their monthly subscription crafts, art and science projects to review with my children. Since I homeschool year round with my son, I thought this would be a great addition to their lesson plans. In the same token, it’s summer so we like to do more fun activities as well. So I was excited to see what would come in the box.

When it arrived, I opened it without my son’s to see what projects we recieved. It offered Make your own chalkboard paint, finding the DNA of a strawberry, and make mini message board. I have to say I was very interested to see how my son’s liked the arts, crafts and science experiment. So I told them we were going outside to work on some projects. They groaned a little bit at first because they only saw the box and not what was inside of it.

Happy Trunk box

I opened the box, and showed them what we would be working on, they got so excited. We began the projects, and they were so engrossed in finding the DNA of a strawberry and making a model of the DNA. They paid close attention and just loved it! They had such a great time, and it was very educational as well, not only for my son’s but also for me. I was a little worried they may get bored or I would but we just had a great time. We completed all the projects and my son’s asked me when we could do something like that again. The Happy Trunk subscription was a huge hit with the kids and with me as well.

If you homeschool or are looking for some fun projects to do with your children, I highly recommend The Happy Trunk for your family. You will receive a new box each month with fun arts, crafts, and science experiments for you to do together. They would make a great gift as well.