Teach Your Child To Earn Things They Want


I have always found it to be one of the perfect lessons to teach my children, that they should earn what they want or think they need. So when I was getting ready to start planning how to earn the money for me to go to New York this July for Blogger Bash, I started thinking it would be the perfect time for my son’s to learn this lesson. So I had the family get together and we had a meeting on how I should raise the money for this trip. They of course came up with a few rather crazy ideas, so I had to pull them back in…because I don’t think that people would pay to run through the sprinkler, be a space cowboy, or a few other crazy ideas that they came up with.

We decided that I would make some delicious cupcakes to sell to people to earn the money. So I made my list of what cupcakes I would make and there are adult flavors and family friendly flavors that are available for them to purchase. So far I have orders for 7 dozen cupcakes to be delivered this Friday. Everyday my son’s ask how many more cupcakes I have sold and we have a board with the amount that I need to raise and where I am on the board so that the boys can see how we are coming along. They are so excited to see the board color going up and up each evening. It’s an important lesson, I want my children to know that hard work pays off, that you don’t just have things handed to you, that you can make things happen for yourself if you apply your knowledge and your strengths to achieve your goal.

I hear so many children saying “I want this!”, “Buy me this!”, “I have to have this!” but I rarely hear a parent say “what are you going to do to earn it?” It’s never to early to instill this value into your child. My 7 year old understands the value of money and how you can earn it. I started my children out young with money and doing chores to earn it. If we don’t instill these values, how will they know they can make it on their own, they can achieve larger goals that they have set. It’s so important as parents to give our children what they need to become well rounded adults. This is one of the lessons that is important, well unless you won the lottery, no…even if you won the lottery, it’s an important message to your child.

I’m always thinking ahead with my children, we are not promised today or tomorrow, so I work on the things that my children need to know now before something happens to me. I want to know that the values I instill in my children they will always remember and take forward into their lives as well as teach them to their children. So that they will be well rounded adults when the time comes. I just don’t believe in handing my children everything and not having them work for things that they really want. If anything the product, the place they want to go to or whatever the case may be motivates them even more to earn the money needed. We all have life lessons that we learn when we are young and those lessons turn us into the person that we will become.

Photo credit to Love That Max.