How Do You Stop A Toddler From Biting?

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I have the most adorable granddaughter who is now 2 years old. She has just really gotten into biting other children lately. It has been really bad for about the last couple of months. She of course knows how to work me. lol Yes, I do put her in time out for biting, and she has to stay there till I tell her she can get up again. However, she then will at times start to bite again after her time out so she has to go back to time out.

However, we are looking for a solution to this biting problem. What have you tried that has worked when a toddler is biting? Since she now has a little sister we are wanting to curb this biting stage. So with all the mom’s that we have following us, I figured who better to ask then Mom’s that have gone through this stage. I really don’t remember how I curbed my own children from their biting but I do remember that my daughter (her mother) was a biter as well. So I did tell her that my granddaughter came by it honestly since she was a little shark when she was younger. lol So what are your tips for stopping biting?