Star Wars Interactive R2D2 Droid Robot Review #StarWars #Gift #Birthdaygift

R2D2 Robot 1

I received the Star Wars Interactive R2D2 Droid Robot to review with my son’s. If you have not seen the R2D2 voice activated Droid Robot it is a motorized replica of the headstrong little “droid” from the iconic Star Wars films. He obeys 40 commands, plays games, dances, scans the room for intruders, plays music and so much more. The Star Wars fan in your life will just love this R2D2 robot under the Christmas Tree!

My son’s were so excited to play with R2D2 to see everything that he could do. I put the R2D2 down. They wanted to play tag first, it was so cute watching them play tag with the R2D2 Robot and he would find them! My son’s then said “Darth Vader” and the robot then made the noise like he was scared. R2D2 also plays Princess Leia’s message to Ob1 Kenobi and says other messages when you mention other Star Wars Characters. My son’s are huge Star Wars fans so to be able to play with R2D2 was just amazing for them. The two of them just loved the robot so much that they did not want to go to bed that
evening they wanted to continue to play with R2D2. I have to admit that I was having fun playing with the robot after they went to bed. lol It was so adorable and did so many things with just a simple voice command that I can admit I was up late keeping R2D2 company. I couldn’t have him getting lonely on his first night with us now could I??? lol

If you have a Star Wars fan on your Christmas shopping list, they will LOVE the Star Wars Interactive R2D2 Droid Robot would make a great gift. They will love how interactive he is, how they can give him a command and he will follow it. Your gift will be a huge hit with any Star Wars fan! They can feel like they are really apart of the whole star wars movie when they watch Star Wars like I did with R2D2, you forget he is there till they say a characters name and he reacts. This is a must have Star Wars lovers, they will use the R2D2 all the time.