Are You Looking To Get Rid Of Your Cable Or Dish Network? You Can Still Watch T.v., Sports, Disney Channel, Movies & More!

If you remember I did a post about how to ditch your cable and Dish Networks and still be able to watch Disney and your sports channels. I did some testing this evening with my brother and I found out how you can get the Disney and sports channels for you family with using the Roku instead of your cable or Dish networks.

I have the Roku as does my brother. I received mine from my brother (Thank YOU!) and he purchased his tonight after being totally annoyed with his connection and bill from his Cable provider. So we were playing with his Roku and going through everything to see what was all available and low and behold there was the DISNEY channel that I have been telling you about. I did figure out that if you have the first Roku that you will not have this option for your family or several of the other options available with the Roku 2 XD Streaming Player or the Roku 2 HD Streaming Player which both carry the Disney Channel.

There is also still Crackle, Netflix, Facebook, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, and Amazon Instant Video, and so many other channels that go with it. Now, just so your aware before you ditch your cable or dish network there are a couple of things you should know. So here they are, There is a $7.99 a Month fee for Netflix, Crackle is free movies, Hulu Plus is showing $4.99 a month, Disney seems to be Free. So once you purchase your Roku 2 XD Streaming Player or the Roku 2 HD Streaming Player it is yours so there is no monthly fee for the Roku 2 after that other then the channels that you may want that have a fee. So we have figured that for the Hulu Plus and the Netflix we would be paying $13 plus internet costs which would vary on who you go through.

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