Rockport Review: Women’s High Heels That Are Pure Heaven For Your Feet!

Rockport seven patent pump

Are you tired of Women’s High heels that kill your feet? Do you wear heels that smash your toes together but look good so you wear them anyway? Why torture your poor feet??? You can look like a million dollars and feel like a million dollars wearing Rockport Shoes!

I have tried all types, colors, and style of shoes, I have been on a search for comfort with the style that I want. I received a pair of Rockport Seven to 7 Low Heel Patent Pumps to review. When you first look at the top of the heel you think “well they look like your normal pumps” BUT when you look at the sole of the pumps, you know they are different! They have an amazing sole, not your run of the mill no slip soles but they actually have almost a tread on them like a tennis shoe. They are made to keep going and keep your feet in pure heaven! Then when you look on the inside of the shoe you see they do not have the thin lining like most heels, they have a padding in the shoes to keep your feet in comfort. These are not your normal Women’s pumps FAR from! They are made for comfort and keeping busy women who are on the go ready to face the next challenge and not have to worry about their feet screaming at them that their heels are killing them!

Rockport seven patent bottom

I walked around in my heels for a whole day while I was on the go. I can tell you that I had a super busy day and wanted to test them out for all of you to make sure they would stand up to our active lifestyles. I can tell you that they will stand up to your busy day and keep going, your feet will not be screaming at you when you take your heels off, after they have been cradled in these heels that are made for an active mom on the go, for the office or special occasions, they can do it all and then some! I will be attending a Conference and many expos this summer and I can tell you, I will be rocking my Rockport Patent heels at all of them and not worrying about how long I am on my feet or how busy my day is because they can stand up to my active lifestyle! I can tell you that when I am at an expo I am on my feet the whole day and on the go from 8am to 5pm or later. I know you will absolutely love these heels and their other shoes that Rockport offers! While your thinking of Mother’s Day or your busy on the go schedule think of Rockport Shoes! Put your feet into a pair of pure heaven, stop the pain of wearing other heels and be on the go in style and comfort! Your feet are going to thank you at the end of each busy day!