Your Pet Got Sprayed By A Skunk…What To Use To Get Rid Of The Odor Recipe #Pet #SkunkSpray

I have to say that I have a curious furbaby, he has to know what EVERYTHING is! Last summer we had him sprayed by a Skunk. He got to close to it and yep, he just reeked. There is a simple and frugal solution to getting rid of the skunk smell. The Traditional Tomato Juice works to a certain degree but I have to say that I love this recipe better. It will still smell till your furbaby dries and then the smell is gone.

•1 quart (32 fl oz, nearly 1 liter) Hydrogen Peroxide 3% (U.S.P)
•1/4 cup baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) *NOT baking powder or washing powder*
•1 to 2 teaspoons liquid soap (such as Ivory Liquid Cleanser or Softsoap)
•1 quart lukewarm water (only needed for very large dogs)

Mix the ingredients together and wash your dog with it. The smell will stay with your furbaby till their coat dries but then the smell will go away. You can also put mineral oil in their eyes 1-2 drops to help with the skunk spraying.

Jennie-O Stuffed Turkey Burger Stuffed With Cheese And Broccoli Recipe #JennieO #TurkeyBurger

stuffed turkey Burger collage photo stuffedTurkeyBurgercollage.jpg

We started a New Year’s Resolution to eat Healthier, so we have been trying out new recipes to keep with our resolution. I have been also putting some twists on them to make them more like the dishes that we love but a healthier version. So I was making the kids some healthier burgers and chose to make a delicious Jennie-O Stuffed Turkey Burger stuffed with Broccoli And Cheese. I made them with my children watching their favorite show on T.v. for a reason. I wanted their honest opinion and I didn’t want them to know what I was making. These great burgers are easy to make, taste amazing, and are healthy for your family as well. I am using the Stuffed Burger Press from Good Cook to make these delicious Burgers, you can use any Burger Press that you have on hand.

Makes 6 Stuffed Burgers that a whole burger would be great for an adult and a half to a whole would be great for a child. They are pretty filling so you may want to start kids on just a half.


3 lbs Jennie-O Ground Turkey Meat
1 Bag Frozen Broccoli
6 slices of American Cheese or your favorite cheese
2 tsp Basil
2 tsp Rosemary Leaves
2 tsp Garlic Powder
2 tsp Italian Seasoning

Step 1:
Place Ground Turkey into a mixing bowl and add all seasonings to the bowl and mix.

Step 2:
Put your Bag of Frozen Broccoli into the Microwave to defrost for 5-6 minutes

Step 3:
Place Ground Turkey into the stuffed Burger Press and flatten the burger then use the smaller end to push in so that your able to stuff your burgers.

Step 4:
Take a slice of American cheese and fold it into 4 equal sections. Place 2 on the bottom of your burger then place 4-5 pieces of Broccoli and cover broccoli with your two pieces of cheese

Step 5:
Take more ground Turkey and place on top of the cheese and push it down to top your burger off. Your Burger will be thick but will cook well and be oh so tasty!

Step 6:
Place your Turkey Burger on your griddle, Frying Pan or any other way you normally cook your burgers. They would be great on the grill as well. They will be a golden brown when they are done cooking. You can add all your favorite toppings from Lettuce, Tomato, Ketchup, Mustard, and other great toppings.

These Burgers would be great for Lunch or Dinner. When you have company over they would be perfect and your guests are sure to ask you for the recipe for these tasty burgers.

Easy Easter Cupcakes To Make #EasterRecipes



Easy Easter Cupcakes To Make
Recipe Type: Dessert
Author: A Mom’s Paradise
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 12
You can easily make these adorable Easter Cupcakes for your family or for an Event that you have coming up. They are so easy to make and you will have a ton of fun making them as well as eating them.
  • Any flavor Box Cake Mix
  • Coconut Flakes
  • Jelly Beans
  • Frosting
  • Food Coloring
  • Sour Bunny and Chick Marshmallows (Dollar Tree)
  1. You can easily make these adorable Easter Cupcakes for your family or for an Event that you have coming up. They are so easy to make and you will have a ton of fun making them as well as eating them.
  2. You can use any flavored cake mix that you would like to make the cupcakes and follow the directions on the box.
  3. While the cupcakes are baking Take 1 cup of coconut flakes and add 4 drops of green food coloring and mix it well till all the coconut is colored. Set the coconut to the side so color can soak in.
  4. Let your cupcakes cool after baking so they are ready for decorating
  5. You can color your frosting while your waiting for your cupcakes to cool, you will again add 4-5 drops of food coloring to the frosting and stir
  6. How to decorate the cupcakes:
  7. Frost the cupcakes with your green frosting
  8. Top your frosting with the Green coconut flakes
  9. Add a little frosting to the back of your Jelly Bean and place them around the bottom of the cupcake
  10. Place a little frosting on your Sour Bunny or Chick Marshmallows, or if your using another decoration do the same with it
  11. Then your easy Easter Cupcakes are complete. They are so cute and they will just love them! There are so many sweets that you can use to decorate them and have them look adorable! This is just one of the ways. As you can see I used the Easter Grass and Plastic Eggs around mine to show how you could use them as a Centerpiece as well.

Easy Blueberry Cream Cheese Dip With Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Chips #Potluck #AfterSchool #SnackRecipe #FruitDip #Kidfriendly #Recipe

This is an easy recipe that will be perfect for any time. You can easily make it within 20 minutes and it’s a great dessert or snack for the family. My family just loves it! They request it all the time and is perfect when your watching a movie with the family as well.


Easy Blueberry Cream Cheese Dip With Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Chips
Recipe Type: Dessert
Author: A Mom’s Paradise
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 5
This easy to make Blueberry Cream Cheese Dip With Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Chips are just delicious. You can make them within 20 minutes and they will be a big hit with your family or you can serve it for a get together and it will be a big hit as well. If serving for a get together I suggest doubling the recipe if it is bigger then 4-5 people.
  • 1 tsp Vanilla
  • 6 TBSP Cream cheese
  • 1/4 cup margarine
  • 1/2 Can Blueberry Pie filling
  • (4) 8″ tortillas
  • Cinnamon Sugar
  • 1 tsp Sugar
  1. You will want to make your Tortilla chips first
  2. Take 4 tortillas and spread a teaspoon of margarine on each
  3. Then Sprinkle Cinnamon Sugar on them to cover them remove excess
  4. Bake on a cookie sheet for 8-10 minutes till a golden brown
  5. While your Tortillas are baking
  6. Mix your Cream cheese, Blueberry Pie Filling, sugar, and Vanilla together. If it is to thin add a little more cream cheese to the dip to thicken it up more. If it’s to thick add a more Blueberry pie filling so that your able to dip your tortilla chips in it.
  7. Place in a serving bowl and smooth the top of the dip
  8. Top it with a little bit of a blueberry pie filling
  9. Cut your Tortillas with a pizza cutter into triangles and place on a plate
  10. You can chill till guests arrive or serve right away

Mai Tai Coctail Pie Recipe #MaiTaiPie

If you Like Mia Taim your sure to love this Mai Tai Coctail Pie! This would be a great dessert for a family dinner, A get together, or to bring to a friend that could use a little cheering up.

This easy pie will make your guests think that your a wiz in the kitchen! Your sure to be asked for the recipe at your get together, pot luck, or make it for that special someone in your life. It really will dazzle them and have you looking like a pro in the kitchen even if your not!

The Pie looks so good that I wish I had one right about now! Who would like to make one and send it to me because this week I just do not have time for baking. However, it really has me drooling over by laptop right now!

How To Make Your Own Laundry Soap #DIY #Recipe #LaundrySoap #Homemade

I use this laundry Soap a lot as well as X-tra Laundry Soap, these are the only 2 laundry Soaps that I have found that my youngest Son will not break out from. He was doing pretty good with the Purex but then started to break out from it after I kept using it. He takes after his father with his allergies to laundry soap. I love making my own as I make a 5 gallon Pail that lasts for about 3 months of laundry that was with washing 8 people’s clothing daily at the time. Now it lasts me even longer with it being less people. I like to call my homemade laundry soap my slime! It has that look to it of the slime almost and I have to say that I love that it can keep up with my 5 year old and his stains! I find that if I make it before the kids get up or when they go to bed it’s a lot easier! I don’t have Mom, Mom, MoM, coming at me while I’m trying to measure things out. lol

I know that a lot of people grate the Fels Naptha bars of soap, However, I do not do this, I leave the bar whole. I put it in the water and let it dissolve on the stove. It comes out the same as if you Grate it. I have tried it both ways and just do it the less work way. lol

Here is what You will need:

* 1 box of Arm & Hammer washing soda
* 1 Bar Fels Naptha (Find it in the laundry aisle) Or Any Bar Soap that you normally use for showers works as well.
* 1 Box of Borax

– A five gallon bucket with a lid
– Three gallons of tap water
– A big spoon to stir the mixture with
– A measuring cup

Step 1~ Put 4 Cups of Water into a Pan, with your bar of soap, turn the heat to high and stir as it melts. You will see it turning the water to whatever color your bar of soap is. Let the whole bar of soap melt down and then your going to turn off the heat. You will have a pan full of soapy water.

Step 2~ I put in 3 gallons of Hot Water into my 5 Gallon Bucket. Then I pour in my Hot Soap Water from my pan. I then measure out 1 Cup of Washing Soda and mix it in the bucket with the soapy water till it dissolves. I then add 1/2 Cup of Borax and mix it up again till it dissolves. When this is done and it has all dissolved I put the lid on the soap and let it sit for 24 hours to set. Then I use 1 cup of the laundry soap per load to wash the clothes. I do take a little bit of it on my son’s really stained clothes and rub it in before the stain sets so that it will get out the stains.

Valentine’s Day: Giant Chocolate Chip Heart Cookie recipe #ValentinesDay

Are you looking for some Frugal but creative Valentine’s Day gifts? This giant Chocolate Chip Heart Cookie would be a great gift that you can make for your Valentine. You can add decorations to it to make it even beautiful. A great frugal way and as we know there is no better way to a man’s heart then his stomach. How YUMMY does this Giant Chocolate Chip Heart Cookie look! You can make smaller ones as well if you would like to put around the large one or just make the large one.

They have the adorable heart pans that you could use to make your heart shaped cookie in then decorate it with red, pink, and other colors for Valentine’s Day. The professional cookie makers do it and they look amazing! I’m sure yours will look just as great, it would be perfect for the kids to help make as well.

Sweet & Sour Meatballs Recipe #Recipe #Meatballs #SuperBowl #CrockpotRecipe

Sweet & Sour Meatballs

32 Meatballs (Homemade already cooked or store bought)
1-32oz Jar of Grape Jelly
1-32oz bottle of Ketchup
1 can of drained pineapple chunks
1/4 cup of pepsi or Coke (pop)

Mix the Grape Jelly, Ketchup and the pepsi or coke together in a crockpot. Then add the meatballs to the mixture and the pineapple. Stir and put on low for about 3-4 hours then serve. If when you taste the sauce it’s to sour add a little more grape jelly if it’s to sweet add a little more ketchup.

NOTE: This recipe sounds gross from the ingredients but it’s soooooooo good! You can add a little green pepper if you would like as well.