Promotional Codes: Hot Back To School Promo Codes For Great Deals #Sponsored

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It’s that time again, the need to purchase new clothes for our children as over the summer they have some how grown a few more inches! I’m not sure who sprinkles miracle gro on them during the summer but they sure seem to shoot up during those few months. My youngest son was spending some time with his father for a week and I swear during that time he grew at least an inch! It’s sometimes hard to keep them in clothing during those growth spurts they have, but can help you keep them in style and with their great promo codes at a great price! has some great deals on their Back To School page and Back To College page that offer great back to school savings. They have offer 20% off at Macy’s, Levi’s select clothing under $20, Finish Line, 15% off at Kohl’s and other great stores. You will find great deals at all your favorite stores. is making back to school simple, with all the fashions that you have come to love! I also love that you can stack your coupon codes on with a money saving coupon code and a free shipping coupon code making it an even better deal! Your going to love the convience of and the savings! You will avoid the crowded malls, the kids crying as you go from store to store, and you can shop from the convience of home! Back to school has never been so easy, and your purchases come right to your door!

Promotional Codes: Kmart Valentine’s Day Shopping Trip

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I received a $100 American Express Gift Card from to use on any Valentine’s Day gifts that I would like to purchase. I have to say that it was so much fun shopping on their site! There were so many great promo codes that I could use for Valentine’s gifts or for everyday purchases.

I decided to make my purchases using Promotional Codes $10 off $100 purchase through K-mart. They had some adorable stuffed bears and monkeys for Valentine’s day that I wanted to purchase. As you can see from the photo above they are all just too adorable! They are going to be a big hit with my kids and grandchildren! Here is how I purchased them. I went to and typed in K-mart in the search bar, then I chose the $10 off $100 purchase and started shopping. Eek! The fun then started! I purchased:

Valentine Hoodie Bear $9.99
Valentine Sweetness Teddy Bear $16.99
Valentine Sweetness Teddy Bear $16.99
Valentine Monkey with Red Tee $9.99
Valentine Bear with Pink Tutu $9.99
Valentine Bear with Pink Tutu $9.99
Valentine Laying Bear with heart $9.99 $83.93
(7) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Miniature Heart Candy $4.99 Each
Subtotal: $118.86
$10 Off $100 Purchase Promo Code from Promotional Codes
Total: $108.86
Tax: $5.99
Final Price= $114.85
– $100.00 American Express Gift Card
Out Of Pocket Cost $14.85

**Don’t forget that if you pick up at the store you will not pay shipping charges as well!** Promotional Codes has so many great promo codes that will save you on all your purchases at all your favorite stores!

**Disclosure** I received a $100 American Express Gift Card to use for purchases for this post. All opinions are my own.