Open Letter To Depression And President Obama #Openletter #Depression #Obama


I have thought about writing this open letter for a long time to depression as well as to President Obama, because I think it’s time some are enlightened. Depression is a very real illness, it effects so many, it is chief pain in their rear on a daily basis. Some may not realize that they are dealing with depression but their family members may know. Trying to help a friend or family member who has depression has become a needle in a haystack with treatments available and ways to get them the treatment that they desperately need to function on a daily basis.

It’s sad that a person must muddle through their daily existence due to depression. When you contact agencies to get the help that someone needs, your asked “Are they trying to hurt themselves or someone else?”. If you say “No, not at this time.” You are told that there is nothing that they can do to help you, your friend or family member. When you reach out to any agency or organization you can think of to get help, the doors are always slammed shut again with the same questions and answers. Is it just me???? Why are we waiting for them to hurt themselves or someone else before we are sending out a life preserver??? Many times that is just to late, they could have gotten the help they needed and been on a better path in life due to the help.

I’m really upset and angers me that we don’t have more open doors to help people with Depression. If your family member or friend has been a shut in for several years there is no help for them to open the door back up to the world of the living outside of their 4 walls. How can we expect someone with depression to step out into the sunshine again and start to live without some help. It’s very difficult with Depression to get yourself the help you need, it’s hard to take that first step and say that you need help. Some are to afraid of what will happen if they agree to treatment and others believe that they don’t need treatment that they are perfectly fine and this is the normal for everyone. Others realize they have a problem but are scared of what they will hear or what will happen if they take that first step to getting well.

When is someone going to demand care for those with depression and make the doors start to open for them to get them the help they need???? In home visits for those that are shut in, a Dr. that will visit them and talk with them and family or friends to get them the help they need. Hasn’t their worlds been closed enough, and it’s time to make getting someone with depression help with an easier manner, then having frustration for the family, friend and the person who is going through the depression. Depression you are a mistress that is difficult to break the bonds from, but it’s time to help those who you are holding captive by getting new programs, in home visits, and other needed programs. If you have Power Of Attorney over a person, even then in many states you can still not get them the help that they require. Depression is a never ending battle for the person who has depression and for the loved ones trying to get them the help they need.

A Person can say they see Green aliens, that someone is trying to kill them, a helicopter is blowing asbestos into their chimney trying to hurt them. There is nothing that you can do to get them help. The person is really scared that there is someone trying to literally kill them, their isn’t but in their mind they are. They are literally scared of this on a daily basis. It’s not a way to go through life being in a panic, scared to go to sleep, scared to walk out the door of your own home. Could you imagine this being your daily life, feeling this way and wondering who is safe to talk to, who is not going to hurt you, and so much more. These feelings also sometimes trigger them to actually hurt someone, it may not have been their intentions but it happens. When are we going to stop waiting for it to go to far, where we are waiting for something to happen in order to get someone help.

It’s time to take a stand, tell depression that “You will not claim another life!” find a way to open doors and help those with depression to be able to cope with life, reality, and those around them. A gentle way to bring them back to their normal lives. President Obama, State Officials, and branches of our government this is where you can come in and help the families or the person get the help that they need. We need some new programs, ones where you don’t have to hurt yourself or someone else to qualify for a stay in the hospital and be chaptered. A Program where they will go to shut in’s homes and help them to see the sun shining again. The system that we have right now are helping those who are hurting themselves or someone else but why wait till it escalates to that level before getting them the help that they need??? Why do they need to do jail time or be thrown into a hospital after they have gone to far, when we are failing to get them the help needed before it reaches these events. We need to provide more help then we have been, so we are requesting your help to slow the train of depression because many people want to get off but just have no idea how to reach the platform. It’s time we give them the tools they need to help them off this out of control train!