OMG! I’m Going To New York For The Blogger Bash! #BloggerBash

Sweet Suite

I think I may be dreaming! Could one of you just pinch me to make sure I’m awake please! I just received my invite to Blogger Bash! Eek! What does that mean??? It means I’m going to New York baby! I think all of Wisconsin heard me when I opened my email and my invite was sitting there, yep, I was running around and screaming in delight! I’m going to the BIG APPLE! I have been watching my email like a hawk for the invites to go out and see if I was one of the lucky bloggers that would get to attend. I opened it and I just stared at it, I think I was in shock and thinking….”Yep, my eyes are playing tricks on me!” That isn’t really my invite…I finally got up the nerve to click it open after 5 minutes, then I started to read the email. OMG! It was my invite!

I can not wait to go to Blogger Bash, see New York, and get together with my blogging friends that will be attending as well. I’m so excited to be able to meet bloggers there that I talk to daily but have never met in real life. This is going to be such an amazing event. Now, I know, your thinking…”Well, that’s great for you!…but how is your going to this event and the Big Apple going to do anything for our readers!” I’m so glad you asked! It’s going to be great for our readers as I’m going to learn about a lot of the latest products that will be coming out. Then when I return I will have a LOT of product information for the family, and some other great surprises as well. Trust me there will be a lot of great things for me to share with you that you will be VERY excited about. I just don’t want to spill all the beans yet.

I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of wonderful companies, seeing the Big Apple (Since I have I have never been there), meeting so many wonderful people, I am so looking forward to this trip. It’s still like I’m in a daze from seeing my invite! I swear I could do cartwheels down the road and all the way back home again! I have a feeling that would scare my neighbors though! lol So I better contain my excitement to only my house as I think I scared them already earlier today with my squeaking and shouting that I was going to New York! They should be totally use to it by the time that I go though. lol I guess I should have broke them in a long time ago, then I wouldn’t get those looks…You know the ones….Stay clear of her….She gets a little to happy about things, she could scream at any moment from excitement….”Honey, did you remember to put your ear plugs in? Here she comes again!” Yep, I’m sure they are thinking many of those right about now! Yes, I’m now going to be known as the “Crazy next door neighbor!” However, I am OKAY with that. lol

I promise to TRY not to drive you to crazy with the “I’m going to NEW YORK” statements, although it is a couple of months away. So that’s why I promise to TRY! lol So to my New York Readers,
are their places that I should visit while in New York that you know of feel free to comment so I can make a list of places to visit. Is there anything that I should know before I arrive in the Big Apple? Feel Free to fill me in, so that I’m prepared for my trip, oh and just so you know I am a huge fan of trying different foods, so where should I grab a bite while there that has food out of this world, but at a great price??? Feel free to fill me in on everything you think will be helpful, I’m all ears.