Maleficent: Purchase Your Movie Ticket Receive FREE Music Download From Original SoundTrack Exp: 6/8


OMG! I am so excited that Maleficent is FINALLY out! I have been dying to see it! Are you joining me in wanting to see it on the first day??? I have heard so many wonderful things in the reviews that I have read, I can’t wait to see the whole movie today with my family. If your going to be heading to see Maleficent today you can purchase tickets and receive a FREE Music Download From Original SoundTrack with your purchase.

I can not wait to see how good Angelina Jolie is in her part. I just love the costumes for Maleficent as well. It’s going to be a great movie! I’m already seeing on my friends list on facebook that so many people are going to see it so grab your tickets now to ensure you won’t go and it’s sold out. I have a feeling this is going to be a movie that will be having everyone rushing to the theaters so they can view it.